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Mathematics, 1934-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2023The Khovanov Categorification, Rasmussen’s s-invariant and Bounds on the Slice Genus of KnotsHuang, Owen
10-Jul-2023Spin Glass Optimization Problem using Simulated Annealing with Various Cooling SchedulesHuang, George
10-Jul-2023On twisted Fermat curves over totally real fieldsHu, Daniel
10-Jul-2023Efficient Adjacency Labelling for Tree-Like Graph FamiliesGraham, Benjamin
10-Jul-2023Construction of Solutions to Non-Linear Non-Local Schrodinger EquationsGarcia, Ivan
10-Jul-2023On G-Modules as Lie Algebra RepresentationsFeemster, Tyler
10-Jul-2023Locally Decodable Codes, 2-Server PIR, and MPIRFakhro, Faisal
10-Jul-2023Circle Packings and Planar Separators: Geometric Methods for the Restricted Union-Find ProblemDeep, Jojo
10-Jul-2023A hybrid variant of Mom technology for 3-cusped hyperbolic 3-manifoldChen, Joye
10-Jul-2023On Hadwiger's Conjecture with Independence Number 2Carter, Daniel
10-Jul-2023Social Networks: Enumerating Maximal Community Patterns in c-Closed GraphsBourla, Gabriela
10-Jul-2023Graphs with Large Overlap in Their Spanning TreesBlanco Hinojosa, Pablo
10-Jul-2023The distribution of smooth numbers and ideals in rings of integers of number fieldsBentley, George
10-Jul-2023An Analytical Model of Microbial InteractionsBauman, Daniel
10-Jul-2023On Superpolynomial Size Matching Vector Families and Polynomial Representations of OR Modulo CompositesBahnson, Erik
10-Jul-2023Ideals in the Ring of m-Jets Induced by Functions that Vanish on SetsAyto, Harry
10-Jul-2023Random k-NAE: Satisfying a Proportion of Clauses and an Algorithmic BarrierAscoli, Ruben
10-Jul-2023The Kakeya Problem and Bounds on Finite Field 2–Furstenburg SetsAlexander, Andrew
29-Jul-2022On the Existence of Polynomially Large Cliques or Stable Sets in H-free GraphsPagano, Vincent
29-Jul-2022A Variant of the Stable Manifold Theorem for Smooth Maps of the PlaneMaddirala, Sumanth
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 764