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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2021Novel 2D velocity estimation method for large transient events in plasmasMate, Lampert; Ahmed, Diallo; Stewart, Zweben
7-Jul-2021A thermodynamic phase transition in magnetic reconnectionJara-Almonte, Jonathan; Hantao, Ji
Jul-2021Hyperdiffusion of dust particles in a turbulent tokamak plasmaNespoli, Federico; Kaganovich, Igor; Autricque, Adrien; Marandet, Yannick; Tamain, Patrick
Jun-2021Observation of synergy between lower hybrid waves at two frequencies in EASTChoi, W.; Poli, F. M.; Li, M. H.; Baek, S. G.; Gorenlenkova, M.; Ding, B. J.; Gong, X. Z.; Chan, A.; Duan, Y. M.; Hu, J. H.; Lian, H.; Lin, S. Y.; Liu, H. Q.; Qian, J. P.; Wallace, G.; Wang, Y. M.; Zang, Q.; Zhao, H. L.
2020Topological phases and bulk-edge correspondence of magnetized cold plasmasYichen, Fu; Hong, Qin
2021Initial operation and data processing on a system for real-time evaluation of Thomson scattering signals on the Large Helical DeviceHammond, K. C.; Laggner, F. M.; Diallo, A.; Doskoczynski, S.; Freeman, C.; Funaba, H.; Gates, D.A.; Rozenblat, R.; Tchilinguirian, G.; Xing, Z.; Yamada, I.; Yasuhara, R.; Zimmer, G.; Kolemen, E.
Apr-2021Type-I ELM mitigation by continuous lithium granule gravitational injection into the upper tungsten divertor in EASTSun, Zhen; Yuzhong, Qian; Maingi, Rajesh; Wang, Yifeng; Wang, Yumin; Nagy, Alex; Tritz, Kevin; Lunsford, Robert; Gilson, Erik; Zuo, Guizhong; Xu, Wei; Huang, Ming; Meng, Xiancai; Mansfield, Dennis K.; Zang, Qing; Zhu, Xiang; Lin, Xin; Liu, Haiqing; Duan, Yanmin; Zhang, Ling; Lyu, Bo; Liu, Yong; Wang, Liang; Bortolon, Ale; Xu, Guosheng; Gong, Xianzu; Hu, Jiansheng
Mar-2021Hybrid simulations of sub-cyclotron compressional and global Alfven Eigenmode stability in spherical tokamaksLestz, J.B.; Belova, E.V.; Gorelenkov, N.N
Mar-2021Implementation of higher-order velocity mapping between marker particles and grid in the particle-in-cell code XGCMollen Albert; Adams Mark F.; Knepley Matthew G.; Hager Robert; Chang C. S.
2021Multi-Fluid and Kinetic Models of Partially Ionized Magnetic ReconnectionJara-Almonte, J.; Murphy, N.A.; Ji, H.
Mar-2021A software package for plasma facing component analysis and design: the Heat flux Engineering Analysis Toolkit (HEAT)Looby, Tom; Reinke, Matthew; Wingen, Andreas; Menard, Jonathan; Gerhardt, Stefan; Gray, Travis; Donovan, David; Unterberg, Ezekial; Klabacha, Jonathan; Messineo, Mike
Mar-2021The updated ITPA global H-mode confinement database: description and analysisVerdoolaege, G.; Kaye, S.M.; Angioni, C.; Kardaunn, O.W.J.F.; Maslov, M.; Romanelli, M.; Ryter, F.; Thomsen, K.
Feb-2021Inversion technique to obtain local ion temperature profiles for an axisymmetric plasma with toroidal and radial velocitiesBell, Ronald E.
Feb-2021Synergy of Coupled Kink and Tearing Modes in Fast Ion TransportYang, J.; Podesta, M.; Fredrickson, E.
Mar-2021Wave-kinetic approach to zonal-flow dynamics: recent advancesZhu, Hongxuan; Dodin, I. Y.
Feb-2021Microtearing Instabilities and Electron Thermal Transport in Low and High Collisionality NSTX DischargesRafiq T; Kaye S; Guttenfelder W; Weiland J; Schuster E; Anderson J; Luo L;
Feb-2021Prediction of electron density and pressure profile shapes on NSTX-U using neural networksBoyer, Mark; Chadwick, Jason
Jan-2021Developments on two lithium vapor-box linear test-stand experimentsSchwartz, Jacob A.; Goldston, Robert J.
Jan-2021Dynamics of filaments during the edge-localized mode crash on NSTXLampert,Mate; Diallo,Ahmed; Myra,James R.; Zweben, Stewart J.
Nov-2020First impurity powder injection experiments in LHDNespoli F., Ashikawa N., Gilson E.P., Lunsford R., Masuzaki S., Shoji M., Oishi T., Suzuki C., Nagy A., Mollen A., Pablant N.A., Ida K., Yoshinuma M., Tamura N., Gates D.A., Morisaki T., and the LHD experiment group
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 152