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Industrial Relations Section

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2020Centralized School Choice with Unequal Outside OptionsNeilson, Christopher; Akbarpour, Mohammad; Kapor, Adam; van Dijk, Winnie; Zimmerman, Seth
Jul-2020Information Frictions and Access to the Paycheck Protection ProgramNeilson, Christopher; Humphries, John; Ulyssea, Gabriel
May-2020Further Education During UnemploymentLeung, Pauline; Pei, Zhuan
May-2020O Brother, Where Start Thou? Sibling Spillovers on College and Major Choice in Four CountriesNeilson, Christopher; Altmejd, Adam; Barrios-Fernandez, Andres; Drlje, Marin; Goodman, Joshua; Hurwitz, Michael; Kovac, Dejan; Mulhern, Christine; Smith, Jonathan
Apr-2020Best and Brightest? The Impact of Student Visa Restrictiveness on Who Attends College in the USChen, Mingyu; Howell, Jessica; Smith, Jonathan
Apr-2020Variation in Racial Disparities in Police Use of ForceLieberman, Carl
Feb-2020Visual Inference and Graphical Representation in Regression Discontinuity DesignsKorting, Christina; Lieberman, Carl; Matsudaira, Jordan; Pei, Zhuan; Shen, Yi
Feb-2020The Long-Term Effects of Labor Market Entry in a Recession: Evidence from the Asian Financial CrisisChoi, Eleanor J.; Choi, Jaewoo; Son, Hyelim
Jan-2020Siblings’ Spillover Effects on College and Major Choice: Evidence from Chile, Croatia and SwedenAltmejd, Adam; Barrios-Fernandez, Andres; Drlje, Marin; Neilson, Christopher
Dec-2019Screening and Recruiting Talent At Teacher Colleges Using Pre-College Academic AchievementNeilson, Christopher; Gallegos, Sebastian; Calle, Franco
Dec-2019Negative Externalities of Off Platform Options and the Efficiency of Centralized Assignment MechanismsKapor, Adam; Karnani, Mohit; Neilson, Christopher
Dec-2019Alternative Work ArrangementsMas, Alexandre; Pallais, Amanda
Sep-2017Theory and Evidence on Employer Collusion in the Franchise SectorKrueger, Alan; Ashenfelter, Orley
Nov-2019Siblings’ Effects on College and Major Choices: Evidence from Chile, Croatia and SwedenNeilson, Christopher; Altmejd, Adam; Barrios-Fernandez, Andres; Drlje, Marin; Kovac, Dejan
Nov-2019Does Disclosure affect CEO Pay Setting? Evidence from the Passage of the 1934 Securities and Exchange ActMas, Alexandre
Oct-2019Sources of Displaced Workers’ Long-Term Earnings LossesLachowska, Marta; Mas, Alexandre; Woodbury, Stephen A.
Nov-2019Pay Transparency and The Gender GapBaker, Michael; Halberstam, Yosh; Kroft, Kory; Mas, Alexandre; Messacar, Derek
Oct-2019Do firm effects drift? Evidence from Washington Administrative DataLachowska, Marta; Mas, Alexandre; Saggio, Raffaele; Woodbury, Stephen A.
Oct-2019Noteworthy Books in Industrial Relations and Labor Economics, 2018-
Jul-2019Approximating the Equilibrium Effects of Informed School ChoiceNeilson, Christopher; Allende, Claudia; Gallego, Francisco
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1001