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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2023Data and code for 'Hydrological cycle amplification reshapes warming-driven oxygen loss in Atlantic Ocean'Hogikyan, Allison
2-Jun-2023Datasets for 'Hydrological cycle amplification reshapes warming-driven oxygen loss in Atlantic Ocean'Hogikyan, Allison
19-Oct-2022Shock Compression of Fluorapatite to 120 GPa: Wave Profile DataRucks, Melinda
Aug-2022Three dimensional archaeocyathide and coral imagery for morphologic analysisManzuk, Ryan; Maloof, Adam
16-Jun-2022Data for: "The origin of non-skeletal carbonate mud and implications for global climate"Geyman, Emily C.; Wu, Ziman; Nadeau, Matthew D.; Edmonsond, Stacey; Turner, Andrew; Purkis, Sam J.; Howes, Bolton; Dyer, Blake; Ahm, Anne-Sofie C.; Yao, Nan; Deutsch, Curtis A.; Higgins, John A.; Stolper, Daniel A.; Maloof, Adam C.
28-Apr-2022Data for: "Structure and Density of Silicon Carbide to 1.5 TPa and Implications for Extrasolar Planets"Kim, Donghoon
8-Apr-2022Single-crystal X-ray diffraction of fluorapatite to 61 GPa: Structural DataRucks, Melinda J.
5-Apr-2022Data for “Global adjoint tomography—model GLAD-M25”Lei, Wenjie
28-Jun-2021Why is El Nino warm?Hogikyan, Allison; Resplandy, Laure; Yang, Wenchang; Fueglistaler, Stephan
18-May-2021Experimental data for paper "hydraulic transmissivity inferred from ice-sheet relaxation following Greenland supraglacial lake drainages"Lai, Ching-Yao
2021North Atlantic Hurricane and Major Hurricane Frequency Undersampling Estimate for 1851-2019Vecchi, Gabriel A.; Landsea, Christopher; Zhang, Wei; Villarini, Gabriele; Knutson, Thomas
22-Feb-2021Data for: Three-Dimensional Morphometry of Ooids in Oolites: a new tool for more accurate and precise paleoenvironmental interpretationHowes, Bolton; Mehra, Akshay; Maloof, Adam
1-Feb-2021Data for: 'How is sea level change encoded in carbonate stratigraphy?'Geyman, Emily C.; Maloof, Adam C.; Dyer, Blake
6-May-2021Data for: 'Facies control on carbonate δ13C on the Great Bahama Bank'Geyman, Emily C.; Maloof, Adam C.
Nov-2020Femtosecond X-ray Diffraction of Laser-shocked Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) to 122 GPaKim, Donghoon; Tracy, Sally J.; Smith, Raymond F.; Gleason, Arianna E.; Bolme, Cindy A.; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Appel, Karen; Speziable, Sergio; Wicks, June K.; Berryman, Eleanor J.; Han, Sirus K.; Schoelmerich, Markus O.; Lee, Hae Ja; Nagler, Bob; Cunningham, Eric F.; Akin, Minta C.; Asimow, Paul D.; Eggert, Jon H.; Duffy, Thomas S.
2019Sound velocities in shock-synthesized stishovite to 72 GPaBerryman, Eleanor J.; Winey, J. M.; Gupta, Yogendra M.; Duffy, Thomas S.
2019Climate Impacts from Large Volcanic Eruptions in a High-resolution Climate Model: the Importance of Forcing StructureYang, Wenchang; Vecchi, Gabriel; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Horowitz, Larry; Luet, David; Muñoz, Ángel; Paynter, David; Underwood, Seth
2018Regional hydroclimatic variability due to contemporary deforestation in southern Amazonia and associated boundary layer characteristicsKhanna, Jaya; Medvigy, David; Fisch, Gilberto; Neves, Theomar Trindade de Araújo Tiburtino
2017Data for Nature Climate Change article 'Regional dry-season climate changes due to three decades of Amazonian deforestation'Khanna, Jaya; Medvigy, David; Fueglistaler, Stephan; Walko, Robert
2016Supplementary Model Output to "Climate, soil organic layer, and nitrogen jointly drive forest development after fire in the North American boreal zone"Trugman, Anna
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22