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Mathematics, 1934-2022

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2022On the Existence of Polynomially Large Cliques or Stable Sets in H-free GraphsPagano, Vincent
29-Jul-2022A Variant of the Stable Manifold Theorem for Smooth Maps of the PlaneMaddirala, Sumanth
29-Jul-20223D Modeling of Molecular Electron Density Maps Using Nonuniform Fast Fourier TransformZecchin, Kaylee
29-Jul-2022Gaming the Blockchain System: Analyzing Optimal Selfish Mining and Reward Schemes in the Proof-of-Stake Protocol AlgorandYu, Catherine
29-Jul-2022Model-Misspecified Offline Reinforcement LearningYe, Naimeng
29-Jul-2022Critical Dissipative SQG, Related Advection-Diffusion Equations, and a Variation on a theme by ConstantinShina, Elijah
29-Jul-2022From Fermat to Gauss: An Examination of Congruences, Quadratic Reciprocity, and Binary Quadratic FormsPusateri, Nicholas
29-Jul-2022Evaluating and Improving Spectral Methods in Cryo-EM 2D Class AveragingPhelan, Brett
29-Jul-2022Deep Residual Networks Preserve Expected LengthPeng, Kenny
28-Jul-2022Rasmussen's s-invariant and the four-dimensional smooth Poincaré conjectureNersisyan, Sergey
28-Jul-2022Comparing Jury Selection Procedures with Biased PopulationsNarayanan, Rohit
28-Jul-2022Generalizing Waring Problem & Weil Conjecture: On Dimension & Existence of Special Points on Schemes of Higher DegreeWu, Xiaorun
28-Jul-2022Refinement of Chebotarev's denisity theorem in SL_2(\Z)Medvedev, Marko
28-Jul-2022Decay for wave equation solutions on Schwarzschild backgroundsMedvedev, Igor
28-Jul-2022The Penrose Incompleteness Theorem in C^{1, 1} Manifolds with and without BoundaryMcWeeney, Alexander
28-Jul-2022Extinction of the contact process on Small World GraphsLyubarskaja, Anna
28-Jul-2022On the Markoff EquationLopez, Alex
28-Jul-2022Rasmussen’s \(s\)-invariant and its applicationsLi, Bingjian
28-Jul-2022An Overview of Quasirandomness: From Random Graphs and Random Tournaments to Uniformly Biased TournamentsKoslowe, Judah
28-Jul-2022Measuring the effects of threat credibility on deterrence strategy in an iterated prisoner’s dilemma problemKishore, Tanvi
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 726