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Mathematics, 1934-2023

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Extinction and establishment processes in model populationsWeinrich, James D.
11-Jul-2023Log-concavity in CombinatoricsYan, Alan
11-Jul-2023A Polarity Account of Scalar PredicatesMalvone, Michael
11-Jul-2023Lattice-Based Knowledge Assumption and IND-CCA1 SchemeZheng, Yuxi
10-Jul-2023Heegaard Floer Homology, The \(L\)-Space Conjecture, and Left-Orderable Surgeries on 2-Bridge KnotsThakar, Ollie
10-Jul-2023Approximating the Optimal Revenue of Continuously-Valued AuctionsStengel, Anton
10-Jul-2023Random Graphs and HashingShapiro, Nathan
10-Jul-2023p-adic Hodge Theory and Derived Hodge-to-de-Rham Spectral SequencesSachen, Thomas
10-Jul-2023Exploring two specifications of a Bayesian persuasion modelPhan, Duc
10-Jul-2023Infinite-Width 1-Layer ReLU Networks with L2 Regularization on 2D DataPark, Simon
10-Jul-2023The Riemann Hypothesis for Curves over Finite FieldsMilojevic, Aleksa
10-Jul-2023Effective Uniformization Theorem: A Senior ThesisMelo de Oliveira, Lucas
10-Jul-2023Class Field Theory and the Main Theorem of Complex MultiplicationLu, Frank
10-Jul-2023On the Scaling Limits of Random Planar Trees and MapsLin, Ricky
10-Jul-2023Slavic Techniques for Hat Guessing AlgorithmsJohnson McInnis, Ian
10-Jul-2023Applications of Ito Calculus to Financial MathematicsJiang, Cataleya
10-Jul-2023Kolyvagin's Work On The Euler System of Heegner Points and Rank 1 BSDJacobs, Reed
10-Jul-2023On slice knots and patterns in knot homologyIvshina, Katya
10-Jul-2023Applications of the Jones PolynomialIsaac, Jack
10-Jul-2023Query-To-Communication Lifting TheoremsIntrater, Jake
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 764