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Mathematics, 1934-2020

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Sep-2020Non-Stochastic Control with Bandit FeedbackHallman, John
29-Sep-2020Torsion in the Cohomology of Arithmetic SubgroupsYoung, Cooper
29-Sep-2020The Banach-Tarski Paradox and Weakenings of the Axiom of ChoiceWong, Aria
29-Sep-2020Customizing the Mixing Time Using the p-Spin Ising ModelXi, Harry
29-Sep-2020Optimal topological generators of \(U(1)\) and short paths in \(X^{p,q}\) and \(\text{SU}_2(\mathbb{C})\)Stier, Zachary
29-Sep-2020Improving agents for text-based games with pretrained embeddingsSlavov, Stanislav
29-Sep-2020On the Denominator of Wachspress Basis Functions for Polycons of Order SixWachspress, Jacob
29-Sep-2020Two Problems In Combinatorial Optimization Under UncertaintyPollner, Tristan
29-Sep-2020Clustering Tomographic Projections with the Earth Mover's DistanceRao, Rohan
29-Sep-2020Connecting Voting and Market Models: A Computational Social Choice PerspectiveNoarov, Georgy
29-Sep-2020Random Walks On The Random Graphs With Power Law DistributionNguen, Chung Kyong
29-Sep-2020Characteristic Polynomials over Random Matrix Ensembles through a Grassman Integration ApproachMong, Arnold
29-Sep-2020Points, Lines, and Polynomials: The Kakeya Problem and the Polynomial MethodLong, Theodore
29-Sep-2020A Structural Survey of Forest and Antiforest Free GraphsLovelace, Seth
29-Sep-2020Time-Independent Correct Majorities for Asynchronous Informative Processes in Balanced Binary TreesLin, Kevin
29-Sep-2020Towards optimization on varietiesLevin, Eitan
29-Sep-2020Borcherds products for \(O(2,2)\) and the \(\theta\) operator on \(p\)-adic Hilbert modular formsLin, Alice
29-Sep-2020Variation of Class Groups of Abelian Extensions of Imaginary Quadratic FieldsKothari, Casimir
29-Sep-2020Evaluation of Fluorophore Counting Approaches in Superresolution MicroscopyLee, Miles
29-Sep-2020Odd Cycle Transversal in Hereditary Graph ClassesKing, Jason
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 653