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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2008Masters, BrettD(ur)ante’s Allegory: History and Intertextuality in the ‘Fiore’Marchesi, Simone
-Moreau, JohnEschatological Subjects: Divine and Literary Judgment in Fourteenth-Century French PoetryKay, Sarah; Marchesi, Simone
2020Gadiano, NathanielFrancis Clarified: A Reading of Bonaventure's Legenda Maior in the Light of Clare of AssisiMarchesi, Simone; Marrone-Puglia, Gaetana
2007Landis, Taylor M.From Palazzo to Piazza: Lorenzo de' Medici's "Canzona di Bacco" and the Myth of Laurentian CarnivalMarchesi, Simone
2017Jackson, JulianaGardening with Architecture: The Influence of Pirro Ligorio's Excavations at Hadrian's Villa On His Garden Designs at the Villa d'EsteMarchesi, Simone
2015Politi, LucaIdentity and Transformation: The Textual Diversity of the NovellinoMarchesi, Simone
2017Robertson, AaronIgiaba Scego's Beyond Babylon: A Translation from the ItalianMarchesi, Simone
2013Skalbeck, MeganIL CAVALIERE NON É IL PRINCIPE: Why Berlusconi Is Not Machiavelli’s RedeemerMarchesi, Simone
2008Edwards, John M.L'Orazio Dantesco: Satira nella "Commedia"Marchesi, Simone
2018East, CharlesLove Thy Neighbour as Thyself: A Study of the Unity and Boundaries of Subject and Object in Dante's CommediaMarchesi, Simone; Marrone-Puglia, Gaetana
2008Adams, Catherine L.L’amor che qui raffina: La lettura dantesca nei film di Roberto BenigniMarchesi, Simone
2012Petrucci, EmiliaL’uomo è ciò che mangia: The Role of Pellegrino Artusi’s La Scienza in Cucina e L’Arte di Mangiar Bene in the Evolution of Italian National IdentityMarchesi, Simone
2011George, RaquelMoments of Perceiving: Italian Translations of Virginia WoolfMarchesi, Simone
2013Romano, TessaThe Origins of Art Music in the Seventeenth-Century Italian Ghetto: Case Studies in Padua, Ferrara, Mantua, Venice and SenigalliaMarchesi, Simone
2016Cuadrado, AlexThe Poetics of Pilgrimage in Dante’s CommediaMarchesi, Simone
2010Brady, ErinThe Princess in the Polis: The Urban Fairy Tale in France and ItalyMarchesi, Simone
2010Champion, PhoebeSicilianu: The Rich Language of the Poor ManMarchesi, Simone
2008Sheth, Arti N.Sleeping Beauties and Silver Noses: Fairy Tale Transmission and Translation from Basile to CalvinoMarchesi, Simone
2020Arnaout, BesThe Aporia of Asylum: A Legal and Philosophical Study of the Italian and French Refugee Protection Regulations in the ‘European Migrant Crisis’Marchesi, Simone; Lane Scheppele, Kim