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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2019Formation of solitary zonal structures via the modulational instability of drift wavesZhou, Yao; Zhu, Hongxuan; Dodin, I. Y.
May-2019Nonlinear saturation and oscillations of collisionless zonal flowsZhu, Hongxuan; Zhou, Yao; Dodin, I. Y.
Jan-2020Theory of the tertiary instability and the Dimits shift from reduced drift-wave modelsZhu, Hongxuan; Zhou, Yao; Dodin, I. Y.
Oct-2019Deep convolutional neural networks for multi-scale time-series classification and application to disruption prediction in fusion devicesChurchill, R.M; the DIII-D team
Jun-2020Gyrokinetic understanding of the edge pedestal transport driven by resonant magnetic perturbations in a realistic divertor geometryHager, R.; Chang, C. S.; Ferraro, N. M.; Nazikian R.
Mar-2021Wave-kinetic approach to zonal-flow dynamics: recent advancesZhu, Hongxuan; Dodin, I. Y.
2022The dispersion and propagation of topological Langmuir-cyclotron waves in cold magnetized plasmasFu, Yichen; Qin, Hong
Aug-2019Verification of the global gyrokinetic stellarator code XGC-S for linear ion temperature gradient driven modesCole M; Hager R; Moritaka T; Dominski J; Kleiber R; Ku S; Lazerson S; Riemann J; Chang C
Mar-2021Implementation of higher-order velocity mapping between marker particles and grid in the particle-in-cell code XGCMollen Albert; Adams Mark F.; Knepley Matthew G.; Hager Robert; Chang C. S.
Mar-2021Hybrid simulations of sub-cyclotron compressional and global Alfven Eigenmode stability in spherical tokamaksLestz, J.B.; Belova, E.V.; Gorelenkov, N.N