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Title: Electron inertial effects on linearly polarized electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves at Earth's magnetosphere
Contributors: Kim, Eun-Hwa
Johnson, Jay
Lee, Dong-Hun
U. S. Department of Energy
Keywords: null
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
Related Publication: Journal of Geophysical Research
Abstract: We discuss a role of the electron inertial effect on linearly polarized electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves at Earth. The linearly polarized EMIC waves have been previously suggested to be generated via mode conversion from the fast compressional wave at the ion-ion hybrid (IIH) resonance. When the electron inertial effects are neglected, the wave normal angle of the mode-converted IIH waves is 90 degrees because the wavevector perpendicular to the magnetic field becomes infinite at the IIH resonance. When the electron inertial effect is considered, the mode-converted IIH waves can propagate across the magnetic field lines and the wavelength perpendicular to the magnetic field approaches the electron inertial length scale near the Buchsbaum resonance. These waves are referred to as electron inertial waves. Due to the electron inertial effect, the perpendicular wavenumber to the ambient magnetic field near the IIH resonance remains finite and the wave normal angle is less than 90 degrees. The wave normal angle where the maximum absorption occurs in a dipole magnetic field is 30-80 degrees, which is consistent with the observed values near the magnetic equator. Therefore, the numerical results suggest that the linearly polarized EMIC wave generated via mode conversion near the IIH resonance can be detected in between the Buchsbaum and the IIH resonance frequencies, and these waves can have normal angle less than 90 degrees.
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