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Title: Using Bioelectric Fields to Sculpt Living Tissue
Authors: Wang, Linus
Advisors: Cohen, Daniel J
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Certificate Program: Engineering Biology Program
Class Year: 2021
Abstract: Many important biological phenomena are governed by collective cell migration, including wound healing, cancer metastasis, and morphogenesis. One way cells determine where to move is through electrotaxis — directed cell migration in response to applied electric fields. Electrotaxis is an increasingly popular method of directing and controlling collective cell migration. However, no devices have been developed that are capable of delivering localized stimulation. This has led to a lack of understanding in fundamental questions such as the dynamics between areas of stimulated and unstimulated tissue. In this project, we design a device that is capable of delivering focused electric fields to induce localized electrotaxis. Using this device, we demonstrate that it can be used to stimulate tissues of any geometry with electric fields of any arbitrary configuration. This allows us to pattern tissues of a certain shape and utilize electric fields to sculpt it into unique shapes and patterns.
Type of Material: Princeton University Senior Theses
Language: en
Appears in Collections:Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 1924-2021

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