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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 1924-2021

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Aug-2021The Research and Development of an Miniaturized Ultrasound MachineMumm, Katherine
18-Aug-2021Optical Detection of Lunar Surface ObstaclesPreston, Alexander
18-Aug-2021Decision Making and Task Allocation in a Multi-Robot SystemSadalgekar, Gargi; Wilson, Samarie; Walrath, Jacob
18-Aug-2021Spoke Tension in Motorcycles and Analysis of Wired WheelsKolodzik, Matthew
18-Aug-2021Using Bioelectric Fields to Sculpt Living TissueWang, Linus
18-Aug-2021Predicting and Controlling Plasma Profiles of Tokamaks through an Autoencoder SystemIqtidar, Azmaine
18-Aug-2021Investigation of Tools for the Use of Individual CNC Milling Machines in Introductory Level CoursesTaylor-Lash, Alexander "Alex"
18-Aug-2021A Deep Learning Approach to Aircraft Wing OptimizationAndrade, Kevin
18-Aug-2021Design, Development, and Launch of a Canard-Controlled RocketChin, Douglas
18-Aug-2021Combustion stability and hetero-/homogeneous chemistry interactions for fuel-lean hydrogen/air mixtures in palladium-coated microchannelsTaylor-Lash, Erik
18-Aug-2021An Exploration of Reinforcement Learning Through Rocket LeagueBerman, Samuel "Sam"
18-Aug-2021Liquid Lithium Delivery to Capillary Porous Systems for Fusion ExperimentsClausen, Jens
18-Aug-2021Formation and Simulation of Tunable Dimples on the Surface of a Symmetrical AirfoilCrone, Cassidy
18-Aug-2021Investigating the Development of a Smart Home Community Heated and Cooled by a Centralized Geo-Exchange SystemDashe, Claire; Tonge, Colin
18-Aug-2021Sensor-Integrated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: A Pilot Design for Albedo MonitoringUbellacker, Kaley; Wallace, Charlotte "Coco"
18-Aug-2021Paired Partner Plushies: A Haptic Approach to Long Distance CommunicationZhu, Felicia; Pan, Jessica
18-Aug-2021Design of Princeton Space Physics ‘SWAPI’ Beam Monitor Testing EquipmentMontoya, Andres
18-Aug-2021Development of a Novel Pursuit-Evasion Path-Planning Algorithm and Generatively Designed Propeller Guards to Avoid Aerial CaptureChang, Colby; Pirola, Alexander; Giugliano, Ben
18-Aug-2021Understanding the Role and Design Space of Demand Sinks in Low-carbon Power Systemsvan der Jagt, Sam
18-Aug-2021A Numerical Investigation into the Geometric and Kinematic Properties of Incipient BreakersBarnett, Anthony
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 810