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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Addressing Security and Privacy Challenges in Internet of ThingsMosenia, Arsalan
2016Advances in Fault Diagnosis Automation for Silicon PrototypesZhu, Charlie Shucheng
2013Analysis and Optimization of Building Energy ConsumptionChuah, Jun Wei
2014Analysis and Optimization Techniques for Massively Parallel ProcessorsJia, Wenhao
2017Architectural Support for Large-scale Shared Memory SystemsFu, Yaosheng
2012Architecture for Data-Centric SecurityChen, Yu-Yuan
2013Architectures for Secure Cloud Computing ServersSzefer, Jakub M.
2013Assertions for Debugging Parallel ProgramsSchwartz-Narbonne, Daniel
2020Characterizing and Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Manycore Processors for Data Center ApplicationsMcKeown, Michael Patrick
2013Coarse-graining dynamical networksRajendran, Karthikeyan
2012Collaborative and Adaptive Mobile Device-resident Service ArchitecturesKoukoumidis, Emmanouil
2018Computing on Large, Sparse Datasets and Error-Prone FabricsGolnari, Pareesa Ameneh
2019Concurrency and Security Verification in Heterogeneous Parallel SystemsTrippel, Caroline
2018Configurable Architecture and Resource Provisioning for Future CloudsZhou, Yanqi
2018Data Access Optimization in Accelerator-Oriented Heterogeneous Architecture through Decoupling and Memory Hierarchy SpecializationHam, Tae Jun
2014Data-driven Digital Drawing and PaintingLu, Jingwan
2017Data-Driven Management of CDN PerformanceGhasemi, Mojgan
2015Delay/power modeling and optimization techniques for low-power FinFET logic circuits and architecturesTang, Aoxiang
2017Deriving Abstractions to Address Hardware Platform Security ChallengesSubramanyan, Pramod