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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Identifying details that matter: fruit fly development, genetic regulation, and microbial ecologyTikhonov, Mikhail
2013III-V semiconductor Quantum Well systems: physics of GaAs two-dimensional hole systems and engineering of mid-infrared Quantum Cascade lasersChiu, YenTing
2018In Search of Inflation: Tools for Cosmic Microwave Background PolarimetryCrowley, Kevin
2015The Influence of African Easterly Waves on Atlantic Tropical Cyclone ActivityStaehling, Erica Marie
2022Integration and Analysis of the Balloon-borne Telescope, SPIDERSong, Xue
2019Inverse design of near-field thermal radiation and nonlinear opticsJin, Weiliang
2012Investigation of Efficiency in Applied Field MagnetoPlasmaDynamic ThrustersLev, Dan Raziel
2022Investigations of Holographic Duality in Two DimensionsGoel, Akash
2017Large Millimeter Bolometric Arrays on ACT for Cosmic Microwave Background ObservationsHo, Shuay-Pwu Patty
2019Lattices in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics: A Platform for Nonequilibrium Quantum SimulationFitzpatrick, Mattias Van Wesep
2012Localized microwave pulsed plasmas for ignition and flame front enhancementMichael, James B
2012Many-body localizationPal, Arijeet
2011Measurement of the Inclusive \(Z \to ee\) Production Cross Section in Proton-Proton Collisions at \(\sqrt{s} = 7\) TeV and \(Z \to ee\) Decays as Standard Candles for Luminosity at the Large Hadron ColliderWerner, Jeremy Scott
2018Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy from the Atacama DesertChoi, Kang Hoon
2018Mechanoperception and morphogenesis of living architecturesBeroz, Farzan
2015Microwave Cavity Lattices for Quantum Simulation with PhotonsUnderwood, Devin
2022Modeling and Physics Design of a Lithium Vapor Box DivertorEmdee, Eric
2012Modeling Dust in the Interstellar MediumAniano Porcile, Gonzalo Jorge
2011Network-Scale Electrophysiology: Measuring and Understanding the Collective Behavior of Neural CircuitsAmodei, Dario