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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2018Melesse, Michael3D Reconstruction with Neural Networks.Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
2020Lee, JanetDance Studio: A Choreography Simulation ToolDondero, Robert; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
2018Zhao, ShelleyDesign Stitch: A Freehand Drawing Computerized Embroidery ApplicationRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2002Vomacka, JohnFeature Detectin and Calibration in Structured-Light Range Scanning SystemsRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2016Margulies, RachelImplementation, Testing, and Comparison of Feature Detection Algorithms for Micro-GPSRusinkiewicz, Szymon
-Zhang, LinguangLearning and Deploying Local FeaturesRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2019Hayes, EricMars VR: Reconstructing Interactive 3D Mars Environments for Astronaut TrainingRusinkiewicz, Szymon
-Pereira, Thiago SiqueiraNew methods for the computational fabrication of appearanceRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2013Kelley, EdwardParticle Filter Localization for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Augmented Reality TagsRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2018Chen, AnniePlay With It: Interactive Digital ArtRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2018Denis, Jelanir-CNN Model for Traffic Sign Detection and RecognitionRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2012E, JaneScheling Lines on 3D Surface MeshesRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2018Thuremella, DivyaSemantic Segmentation of 3D Point Cloud Lidar Data for Autonomous VehiclesRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2003Spector, DanielSystem for Model Acquisition in Real Time & Three Dimensions: Room Interior ScanningRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2004Parparita, MihaiThor: Efficient Whiteboard Capture and IndexingRusinkiewicz, Szymon
2020Palocz, AlexandraWhere Networks Draw Lines: Computer Line Drawing with Deep LearningRusinkiewicz, Szymon