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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2022Iyer, Pranav; Norazman, AinilAutomated Defect Detection: An End-to-End Pipeline from Data to DeploymentMajumdar, Anirudha
2018Lynch, Grace; Sudhakar, SoumyaControl of Propeller Hang on Fixed Wing UAVRowley, Clarence; Majumdar, Anirudha
2019Ramesh, Gayatri; Huang, WhitneyControlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in High Wind Speeds Using Nano-Scale Thermal Anemometry ProbesHultmark, Marcus; Majumdar, Anirudha
2020Koskosidis, Alexandra; Ng, NicolasDesign of a Safe and Robust Aerial Co-Drone for Human CollaborationMajumdar, Anirudha
2018Diament, JeffreyDeveloping a Wind-Sensing Drone: Integration of Nano-Scale Flow Sensors Onboard a Quadrotor UAVHultmark, Marcus; Majumdar, Anirudha
2021Chang, Colby; Pirola, Alexander; Giugliano, BenDevelopment of a Novel Pursuit-Evasion Path-Planning Algorithm and Generatively Designed Propeller Guards to Avoid Aerial CaptureMajumdar, Anirudha
2022Opena, MiguelEyes Up: A Reinforcement Learning-Based, Task-Relevant Sensor Selection FrameworkMajumdar, Anirudha
2019Barnes, Ashley; Dimitui, Adelle Ingrid; Kittler, WilliamFixed-Wing UAV Autonomous Deployment for Search and Rescue ApplicationsMajumdar, Anirudha
2023Ho, MichelleImproving Multi-Robot Exploration with Deep Learning & Bayesian Decision MakingMajumdar, Anirudha
2023Pacelli, VincentInformation-Theoretic Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Task-Driven Control of RobotsMajumdar, Anirudha
2018Bernhard, Jan; Henningson, Trevor; Ramji, VivequeIntelligent Quadruped: Simplified RGBD-Based Autonomous Navigation for a Quadruped RobotMajumdar, Anirudha
2021Fisher, PeterMagnetically Actuated Artificial Muscles for Applications in Battery-Powered RobotsMajumdar, Anirudha
2023Farid, AlecProvably Safe Learning-Based Robot Control via Anomaly Detection and Generalization TheoryMajumdar, Anirudha
2021Gurgen, EkinRobust Vision-Based Planning for Quadrotor UAV Using Funnel LibrariesMajumdar, Anirudha
2020Pachisia, Divyanshu; Quinn, Evan; Shitaye, Beimnet; Wang, JocelynSoft Eversion Robots in Application of Minimally Invasive Subsurface Drip IrrigationMajumdar, Anirudha; Kosmrlj, Andrej
2023Barretto, DaphneSpatial Action Maps for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Search and RescueMajumdar, Anirudha; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon