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Title: Design of a Safe and Robust Aerial Co-Drone for Human Collaboration
Authors: Koskosidis, Alexandra
Ng, Nicolas
Advisors: Majumdar, Anirudha
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Certificate Program: Robotics & Intelligent Systems Program
Class Year: 2020
Abstract: Despite ongoing advances in small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, the safety hazard posed by exposed rotors continues to preclude the use of drones in applications that require close proximity to humans. In this project, a drone designed to be used as an autonomous aerial platform for users working on an elevated surface is developed. The drone is sized to carry a top-loaded target payload of a laptop and cordless drill, and programmed to autonomously maintain a hovering position despite perturbations such as typing impulses, placement and removal of the payload, and gusts of wind. It is developed primarily with safety and human usability in mind; to that end, the rotors are completely shielded by using ducted fans with an additional safety shroud over the top, and the frame is designed to allow for comfortable use of the laptop within arm’s reach. A novel tethered power system is proposed to provide constant power to the hovering drone from a power supply on the ground in order to allow for uninterrupted use of the drone for extended periods of time. Product feasibility is ultimately investigated by a combination of performance simulation, dynamical analysis, and identification of potential product risks; future developments are identified regarding both hardware and autonomous safety and usability features.
Type of Material: Princeton University Senior Theses
Language: en
Appears in Collections:Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 1924-2020

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