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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2016Budnick, RyanAbstraction and Information: Constructing Meta-models of LinguisticsKatz, Joshua
2000Mitchell, John JosephThe Changing Face of Roman Marriage - From liberorum quaerendorum causa to coniugalis amorKatz, Joshua
2007Goldsmith, JoshuaCross-linguistic Influence in Third Language Acquisition: New Perspectives on Third Language Learning and TeachingKatz, Joshua
2016Flitter, Samantha RoseEntomology and Etymology: Insects in Classical Latin PoetryKatz, Joshua
2016Rafey, KellyGrammar Rules: Grammarians and the Jilted Genre of Grammar BooksKatz, Joshua
1999Darko, AtuI said, You said, He said, She said--The Pragmatic Representations of the Pronouns ego: and ego:ge in Platonic DialoguesKatz, Joshua
2009Sullivan, William P.Identity and the Uses of Greek in Priscian’s Institutiones GrammaticaeKatz, Joshua
2002Laserson, Tenley L.A Love of Learning Latin: How Tom Stoppard's Invention of Love Makes Classics Come AliveKatz, Joshua
2014Dobies, Jackson S.Messianic Orthodoxy: The Effect of Foreign Oppression on Judaic ExpectationKatz, Joshua
2005Dudney, ArthurOn the Pervasiveness of Colonial Patterns: Roman Spain and Modern EmpiresKatz, Joshua
-Conlon, Joseph MatthewPersa: Introduction and CommentaryKatz, Joshua
2009Moore, Juliet A.The Therapy of the Thyrsos: Dionysos and the Social Ills of 5th Century AthensKatz, Joshua
2020Mendoza, AndreViva LatinitasKatz, Joshua
2004Craddock, George B.A Wordy Subalimentation: The Rotas-Sator Word Square and the Role of Anagrammatic Wordplay in Classical LatinKatz, Joshua