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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2021Hayward-Lara, GabrielaAutomated Analysis of Embryonic Hair Follicle PhenotypesDevenport, Danelle
2016Hyland, Colby JohnCell cycle control of the endocytic recycling of planar cell polarity protein Celsr1 during late phases of mitosisDevenport, Danelle
2023Johnson, IsheaCharacterizing Vangl2's Interaction with Celsr1 And Investigating the Function of Neural Tube Defect-Associated Vangl2 MutantsDevenport, Danelle
2018Azoba, Chinenye(Don't Call Me Kurly):Investigating the Role of C21Orf59/Kurly, a Novel Scaffold for Cilia Function and Planar Polarity, in PCP and Left-Right PatterningDevenport, Danelle
-Box, KimberlyEpithelial geometry regulates spindle orientation and progenitor fate during formation of the mammalian epidermisDevenport, Danelle
2015Farrell, KCExamination of Wnt-family gradients and the establishment of long-range planar cell polarity in the mammalian epidermisDevenport, Danelle
2016Liang, YunExploring the Potential of APEX2 tag in Electron Microscopy Studies of the PCP Protein, Celsr1Devenport, Danelle
2014McMahon, BreannaThe Function of Vangl2 in Establishing Asymmetry in Planar Cell PolarityDevenport, Danelle
2017Veliz, NarlynInvestigating Localization of Prickle Homologs in the Mammalian Epithelial CellsDevenport, Danelle
2018Silbert, JillianInvestigating the effects of signaling cross-talk on regimes of Erk dynamics with a high-throughput drug screenToettcher, Jared; Devenport, Danelle
2022Leybova, LiliyaInvestigating the formation of spatial and directional patterns in the mammalian epidermisDevenport, Danelle
2020Hill-Oliva, MichaelInvestigating the localization and self-organization of core planar cell polarity proteins using an endogenously tagged Fz6 fusion proteinDevenport, Danelle
2019Phillips, BrookeInvestigating the novel mutation, rosette, and its potential function as a region-specific global cue in the Core Planar Cell Polarity PathwayDevenport, Danelle
2022Laurencin, ToriInvestigating the Regulation of Desmosomes During Mouse Hair Follicle MorphogenesisDevenport, Danelle
2020Kim, KeunhoInvestigating the relationship between cell fate and collective cell migration in hair follicle morphogenesisDevenport, Danelle
2018Carpenter, SandraInvestigating the Role of the Planar Cell Polarity Pathway in Vertebrate Epidermal Wound ClosureDevenport, Danelle
2022Rodriguez, DaisyInvestigating the sorting and intracellular transport of planar cell polarity proteins Frizzled6 and Vangl2 to and from the cell junctionDevenport, Danelle
-Shrestha, RezmaMitotic Regulation of planar cell polarity in the mammalian epidermisDevenport, Danelle
2013Park, Joseph S.Non-Cell Autonomous Tumour Suppression in Keratinocyte Epithelial MonolayerDevenport, Danelle
2023Czuchna, AudreyOf Mice and Skin: Investigating the Role of E-Cadherin in Murine Epidermal Stem Cell Division OrientationDevenport, Danelle