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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Hua, MargaretCan Conversational Remembering Affect Attitude Change? Socially Shared Retrieval Induced Forgetting as a Persuasion MethodComan, Alin
2016Gomez, Olivia“Can I Have My Notes Back?” Note-Taking and the Effects of Retrieval-Induced Forgetting on Jury DeliberationsComan, Alin
-Vlasceanu, MadalinaCognitive Processes Shaping Individual and Collective Belief SystemsComan, Alin
2014Williams, ErinConsumer Divergence and Product Endorsement in Social Media OutletsComan, Alin
2013Rogers, StaceyExploring Shared Reality as an Underlying Mechanism Behind Concurrent Retrieval and Socially Shared Retrieval Induced ForgettingComan, Alin
2014Rankin-Higgins, EmilyAn inconvenient choice: Effects of self-control, time perspective, and future self-continuity on consumer preferences for eco-friendly productsComan, Alin
2015Berry, JessicaIs the Media Scaring You Into Forgetting? The Effect of Mass Media Risk Perceptions on Socially Shared Retrieval-Induced Forgetting of Disease-Related InformationComan, Alin
2020Wee, JasonMajmuk in Practice: Intergroup Contact for Prejudice Reduction in Malaysian SchoolsPaluck, Elizabeth; Coman, Alin
2016Rodriguez, EricaProvocation, Gender, and Status: Maintaining Convictions in the Face of ProvocationComan, Alin
2014Zima, PaulUnderstanding the Ideological and Cognitive Motives that Promote the Continued Existence of Free Market Capitalism in AmericaComan, Alin
2014Sanders, AustinWho else is listening? The effect of listening in homogeneous/heterogeneous groups on concurrent retrievalComan, Alin
2013Lam, MarjorieWhy do I care? Effects of uncertainty and group threat on the endorsement of sacred valuesComan, Alin