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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Melnick, GilHearing Places: Source Localization with Microphone ArraysVerma, Naveen
-Hu, YingzheHybrid System Architectures and Circuits Combining Large-Area Electronics and CMOS ICsVerma, Naveen
2019Hsia, SamuelImplementation and Analysis of a Capacitive Sensing Network for Intelligent Physically-Integrated Sensing ApplicationsVerma, Naveen
2020Pattnaik, AkashInvestigating Sensor Fusion Models for Human Activity RecognitionVerma, Naveen
2011Song, KatherineLarge Area Circuits for a Hybrid Macroelectronics-Nanoelectronics Active Monitoring SystemVerma, Naveen
-Huang, LiechaoLeveraging the Advantages of Large-Area Electronics and CMOS ICs in Hybrid Systems and CircuitsVerma, Naveen
2011Fortner, Michael JamesLogic Design of Wireless Communication for a Personal Medical DeviceVerma, Naveen
-Lee, Kyong HoLow-power biomedical processors with embedded machine-learning accelerators for analytically-intractable physiological signalsVerma, Naveen
2011Miller, AlfredMicroelectrode Arrays Employing Collagen for Improved Neural RecordingVerma, Naveen
2015Liu, YunzhiMindMotion: Modular Brainwave and Gesture Musical SystemVerma, Naveen
2018Kodali, SreelaMonitoring Mental Health with a Multimodal Sensor System and Low-power Specialized HardwareVerma, Naveen
2014Lam Shang Leen, AilsaOptimising Systems Combining Sensor Inputs: An EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface Game As A Case StudyVerma, Naveen; Martonosi, Margaret
2019Ham, EricOptimizing Neural Network Performance by Integrating ASICs Optimized for Machine Learning with SDRAMVerma, Naveen
2018Redmond, JoeReduction of Non-Actionable Alarms in Pulse Oximeters through Personalized Threshold ReparameterizationVerma, Naveen
-Wang, ZhuoRelaxing the Implementation of Embedded Sensing Systems through Machine Learning and Statistical OptimizationVerma, Naveen
2019Coronado Winn, ChloeRFID Reader Array in Large Area Applications for Smart Space Object DetectionVerma, Naveen
2017Ashraf, AmmadSound Sensing System Using Machine Learning AcceleratorVerma, Naveen
2013Galaiya, ChiraagThin Film Battery Management System Using a-Si and nc-Si Diodes and TFTsVerma, Naveen
2015Yeh, Yo-Tzu (Yolanda)Wearable Gesture Control Using Capacitive SensingVerma, Naveen