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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Otters in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, southern India : A Study on the Habitat Choice and Diet Composition of the Smooth Coated Otter (Lutra perspicillata)Shenoy, Kausalya; Varma, Surendra; Devi Prasad, K. V.
2009Database for Captive Elephants and their Mahouts in Karnataka: Protocol & SignificanceVarma, Surendra; Rao, Shiela; Ganguly, Suparna; Hasbhavi, Rajendra
2010Captive elephants in Bihar :an investigation into the population status, management and welfare significanceVarma, Surendra; Ashraf, N V K; Sujata, S R
2010Traveling and begging elephants of India: An Investigation into the Status, Management and Welfare SignificanceVarma, Surendra; Ganguly, Suparana; Sujata, S.R.; Bhavsar, Snehal; Jain, Sandeep K; Bhanage, Nilesh
2008Welfare and Management of Elephants in Captivity: Proceeding of a Workshop on Welfare Parameters and their Significance for Captive Elephants and their Mahouts in IndiaVarma, Surendra; Prasad, Deepika
2008Captive Elephants in Zoos: An Investigation into the Welfare and Management of Captive Elephants in Zoos of India.Varma, Surendra; Sujata, S.R.; Sarma, Kushal Konwar; Nilesh Bhanage, Nilesh; Agarwal, Mahesh; Bhavsar, Snehal
2004Application of technology in Wildlife Sciences: Experimenting usage of camera traps for population dynamics study of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in tropical mixed deciduous forests of southern IndiaVarma, Surendra; Pittet, A.; Jamadagni, H.S.
Feb-2014Documenting Indigenous Traditional Knowledge of the Asian Elephant in CaptivitySrinivasaiah, Nishant M.; Varma, Surendra; Raman, Sukumar
Dec-2012Synchronized Population Estimation of the Asian Elephants in Forest Divisions of Karnataka -2012Varma, Surendra; Sukumar, R.
Jun-2002The Status and Conservation Of Asian Elephants in Cat Tien National Park, VietnamR. Sukumar, R.; Varma, Surendra; Dang, Nguyen Xuan; Thanh, Tran Van