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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2013Keeping Tight Lines: Understanding the Impact of Variable Snowpack Depth on Brown Trout and Proposing a Mathematical Analysis of Fly-FishingWilkinson, Shane
26-Jul-2013Improving Situation Analysis and Operational Efficiency of Immunization in India: Disease Correlation and Vaccine Supply Chain ModelingZhang, Alicia
26-Jul-2013The Behavioral Responses of Female Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta Palliata) to Loud Call VocalizationsWu, Jenny
26-Jul-2013Micronuclear DNA Fragmentation: A Model of Genome RearrangementWang, Kedong
25-Jul-2013Modeling Bacterial Pathogen Emergence at the Human-Animal Interface: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 and its Implications for Public HealthBrower, Charles H.
26-Jul-2013Cytomegalovirus in Wild Peromyscus: The Effects of Intestinal Parasite Interaction and ImmunosenescenceCadman, C. Ross
25-Jul-2013Human Gaze-Following Behavior in Natural Environments: Rearwards transfer of gaze-following and mediation of gaze-following in groups by emotional expressionChong, Andrew
26-Jul-2013Carbon Sequestration and Land Use History of Redwood Forests in the Santa Cruz MountainsFrancis, Emily J.
26-Jul-2013Flight performance of trypanosome-infected Rhodnius pallescens: Implications for the spatio-temporal spread of Chagas disease in rural landscapesCastro, Lauren
25-Jul-2013Delay and Trace Eyeblink Conditioning in Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Analysis of Cerebellar and Hippocampal FunctionConnolly, Sara G.