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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2023Decision Direction, Donations, and the Docket: Comparing Petitioners’ Campaign Finance Scores with the Ideological Coding of a Sample of Supreme Court Decisions from 2000-2001Akinyede, Fiyin
4-Aug-2023Bobbing for Apps: A Model of Public Attitudes Toward Mobile App Store CompetitionAregawi, Ruth
8-Aug-2023Remain in México… Indefinitely? U.S. Border Externalization Policies to México & the Northern Triangle: A Growing Humanitarian Crisis for Migrants & Government and Non-governmental OrganizationsIglesias, Axidi
8-Aug-2023China - Taiwan Tensions: How a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Impact the Semiconductor Industry and the U.S. & Global EconomiesHite, Reece
8-Aug-2023A Consideration of Social Determinants of Health and Health Justice in the Design of Technological Public Health Tools: A Case Study of China’s Health Code in the SARS-CoV-2 PandemicLee, Sowon
8-Aug-2023BEYOND NORM-TAKERS OR NORM-BREAKERS: India and China’s rhetorical engagement with the norm of sovereignty at the United Nations Security Council between 1971-1992Kanodia, Kanishkh
8-Aug-2023The Potential Use of Tactical-Nuclear Weapons in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict and the Search for PeaceHutchinson, Joseph
8-Aug-2023NAVIGATING A WICKED WORLD | Reimagining the Governance of Evolving Technologies: The Case of Section 230 of the Communications Decency ActKapoor, Hannah
8-Aug-2023The Policy Implications of Genetic GenealogyKarns, Matthew
8-Aug-2023A Case Study of Mumbai: Preparing the City for Incoming Migration and Climate ChangeJain, Esha