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Politics, 1927-2018

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018Speech and Norms in the Court of Public Opinion: A New Model for Regulating SpeechLiziewski, Carolyn
1-Aug-2018Testing Democracy in education: A Comparative Analysis of Shock Therapy in the Privatization of the New Orleans and Chicago Public School SystemsBurton, Jeremy
1-Aug-2018Charter School Proliferation: The Political Challenges of Sustaining Charter School Growth in New JerseyLloyd, Hilary
1-Aug-2018Fear and Fallible Action: The United States and the Geopolitical Origins of the Korean WarSpencer, Elizabeth
1-Aug-2018Dissecting Dominicanidad: An Analysis of the Dominican Diaspora and its Effect on Northeastern, Tri-State PoliticsDavies, Samuel
1-Aug-2018The Blacker the Berry: The Black Church, Linked Fate, Marginalization, and the Electability of Black CandidatesMcGhee, Brandon
1-Aug-2018De-Facto Disenfranchisement? Examining the Effect of Pretrial Incarceration on Voter Turnout in PhiladelphiaMcDonough, Anne
1-Aug-2018Going Public in the Age of Social Media: Trump's Twitter Use & the Spread of IncivilityFranco, Karen
1-Aug-2018The Trump Effect Latino: Battleground and Group Conscious Political Behavior During the 2016 Presidential ElectionRamirez, Erik
1-Aug-2018When Women Run: A Conjoint Analysis of Gender and Political AmbitionCion, Katie
1-Aug-2018Does Protest Matter? Examining the Efficacy of Black Lives Matter Demonstrations in Achieving Policy DemandsSharp, Catherine
1-Aug-2018Smoke and Mirrors: Why did the People of Britain Vote to Leave the European Union?George, Tom
1-Aug-2018"Multiculturalism Used to Be Fashionable:" Theoretical Frameworks of State Support for the Arts and Cultural Diversity in a Liberal StateLiang, Lavinia
1-Aug-2018Breaking Old Traditions: An Analysis of Donald Trump's Path to PresidencyLeBlanc, Michael
1-Aug-2018Tweeting the Party Line: Did the 2016 Presidential Election Impact Legislative Communication?Mukunda, Gokul
1-Aug-2018Private Partisan, Public Moderate: Preference Falsification on TwitterGottlieb, Alex
31-Jul-2018The Impact of Interest Group Comments on Food Regulation in the United StatesCaputo, J.T.
31-Jul-2018Hungry Goliath or Indifferent Savior: Public Opinion of Chinese Investments in Africa and Extractive SectorsWang, Aspen
31-Jul-2018The Rumble in the Jungle - A comparative analysis of the use of force by United Nations' peacekeepers during the ONUC & MONUSCO operations in the Democratic Republic of CongoGoble, James
31-Jul-2018Decoding The Right to Vote: The Role of Disenfranchisement on African American Voting in the United StatesJohnson, Chelsea
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 7181