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dc.contributor.authorShih, Howard-
dc.contributor.authorXu, Peiyi-
dc.descriptionThe image of the Asian community in New York State has traditionally been tied to the ethnic neighborhoods of New York City. But increasingly Asians have been settling outside of the city. These included not only longtime residents of Asian descent but also new arrivals. Some of these new arrivals came for study or work opportunities. Others were refugees from Bhutan and Myanmar (formerly Burma) who had only begun to arrive in large numbers during the last decade. As a consequence, the scale of diversity is one of the challenges of working in Asian communities. People who are classified as Asian by the federal government come from the largest continent, stretching from Pakistan, south to Indonesia, eastward to Japan, and north to China. Linguistically, the Census Bureau covers 31 different Asian languages, not counting many regional dialects. Economically, many working-class Asians continue to struggle to make ends meet, while the success stories of our communities receive more coverage among mainstream America. Our report, Asian Americans of the Empire State: Growing Diversity and Common Needs seeks to demonstrate the diversity within this collection of individuals and also to point out common threads that link our communities together. As Asians continue to expand beyond New York City and new Asian ethnic groups discover opportunities throughout our state, government agencies and community service providers will have to change and adapt to new cultures and languages as they address community needs. Another challenge is building the organizational infrastructure where needed to address the influx of newer communities of Asians.en_US
dc.subjectAsian Americans—New York—Economic conditionsen_US
dc.subjectAsian Americans—New York—Social conditionsen_US
dc.titleAsian Americans of the Empire State: Growing diversity and common needsen_US
pu.depositorKnowlton, Steven-
dc.publisher.placeNew Yorken_US
dc.publisher.corporateAsian American Federationen_US
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