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dc.contributorKhanna, Jaya-
dc.contributor.otherNational Science Foundationen_US
dc.coverage.temporalstart=2004-07-01; end=2004-07-31en_US
dc.creatorKhanna, Jaya-
dc.creatorMedvigy, David-
dc.description.abstractThis dataset contains all the data, model and MATLAB codes used to generate the figures and data reported in the article (DOI: 10.1002/2014JD022278). The data was generated during September 2013 and February 2014 using the Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Model also provided with this package. The data was generated using the computational resources supported by the PICSciE OIT High Performance Computing Center and Visualization Laboratory at Princeton University. The dataset contains a pdf Readme file which explains in detail how the data can be used. Users are recommended to go through this file before using the data.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsPlease refer to the Readme fileen_US
dc.subjectAmazon rainforesten_US
dc.subjectMesoscale flowen_US
dc.subjectLand-atmosphere interactionsen_US
dc.subjectsurface roughness heterogeneityen_US
dc.titleDataset for JGR Article (DOI: 10.1002/2014JD022278)en_US
pu.projectgrantnumber23600 G0001 10004698en_US
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Files in This Item:
File Description SizeFormat 
Readme.pdfReadme file66.47 kBAdobe PDFView/Download
OLAM.tar.gzFolder containing the model OLAM7.53 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MATLABcodes.tar.gzFolder containing MATLAB codes used to process the data in the various MergedFiles folders and to generate figures56.19 kBTAR version 1.23View/Download
Figures.tar.gzFolder containing all the figures in the article1.98 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles20603_bl.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 128 km simulations111.69 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles30603_bl.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 64 km simulations158.66 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles40303_blCNT.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 32 km DEF simulations497.89 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles40303_blCNTrl.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 32 km DEFrl simulations371.53 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles40303_blCNTsr.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 32 km DEFsr simulations261.24 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles40303_blPOT.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 32 km FOR simulations432.61 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles50303_bl.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 16 km simulations240.46 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download
MergedFiles60203_bl.tar.gzFolder containing .h5 and .mat data files for the 8 km simulations268.96 MBTAR version 1.23View/Download

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