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Title: Data for 'Environmental Benefits and Household Costs of Clean Heating Options in Northern China'
Contributors: Zhou, Mi
Peng, Liqun
Zhang, Lin
Mauzerall, Denise L.
Keywords: clean heating
health benefits
air pollution mitigation
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2021
Publisher: Princeton University
Abstract: This dataset is created for the paper titled 'Environmental Benefits and Household Costs of Clean Heating Options in Northern China' and published on Nature Sustainability. Based on a 2015 regional anthropogenic emission inventory (base case), we propose seven counterfactual scenarios in which all 2015 residential solid fuel heating in northern China switches to one of the following non-district heating options: clean coal with improved stoves (CCIS), natural gas heaters (NGH), resistance heaters (RH), or air-to-air heat pumps (AAHP). This dataset provides the following gridded information for the base case and each clean heating scenario: (1) annual residential heating emissions for PM2.5/NOx/SO2; (2) monthly mean surface PM2.5 concentrations from the WRF-Chem model; (3) annual PM2.5-related premature deaths calculated by the GEMM model; (4) 2015 population in China; (5) mask for provinces in China; (6) longitude and latitude of each grid center.
Referenced By: Zhou, M., Liu, H., Peng L. et al. Environmental Benefits and Household Costs of Clean Heating Options in Northern China. Nat Sustain (2021).
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CON_CleanCoal_HIGH_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
CON_CleanCoal_LOW_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
CON_Heat_Pumps_2015_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
CON_Heat_Pumps_2030_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
CON_Natural_Gas_Heaters_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
CON_Non_Fossil_Electricity_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
CON_Resistance_Heaters_2015_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
CON_Resistance_Heaters_2030_monthly_pm25.nc2.28 MBUnknownView/Download
Mortality_Map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
Population_Map.nc854.16 kBUnknownView/Download
Province_Map.nc854.51 kBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_AAHP_2015-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_AAHP_2030-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_CCIS_HIGH-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_CCIS_LOW-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_NFE-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_NGH-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_RH_2015-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download
EMIS_RH_2030-Base_Emissions_map.nc3.13 MBUnknownView/Download

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