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Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 174
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Essays on the Political Economy of InformationKocak, Korhan
2020The Politics of Local Control in Electoral AutocraciesMcLellan, Rachael Sarah
2020Leviathan's Paradox? Bureaucrats and the Fight Against Corruption in ChinaWang, Erik Haixiao
2020Essays on Representation & Local American Political InstitutionsMagazinnik, Asya
2020Essays on Anti-Corruption Enforcement and Corporate InfluenceMao, James S L
2020Retrenchment Rivals: Critical Legal Studies, Law-and-Economics, and the Legal Academy of the Long 1980sBaumgardner, Paul
2020Essays in Political EconomyKosterina, Svetlana
2019Essays on Electoral and Intra-Elite Accountability in sub-Saharan Africade la Cuesta, Brandon
2019The New Democrats: On the Social Roots of Asian American Partisan Political BehaviorRaychaudhuri, Tanika
2019Coming out to vote: LGBT mobilization in the two-party system, 1976 - 2016Proctor, Andrew Thomas
2019Financing the State: Inequality and Fiscal Capacity in Uneven TerritoriesPardelli, Giuliana
2019Varieties of Protectionism: Ethnic Politics and Resistance to Neoliberalism in the Arab WorldMonroe, Stephen Louis-Andre
2019The Ghostwriters: Lawyers and the Politics Behind the Judicial Construction of EuropePavone, Tommaso
2019Essays on American CourtsShahshahani, Sepehr
2019Assessing Competing Claims to Speak over Mass Media: The Priority of Audiences' Epistemic ClaimsMiller, Erin Lynn
2019Hyperpresidentialism in the Southern Cone of Latin America: Examining the Diverging Cases of Argentina and ChileBerbecel, Mihnea Dan
2019Protest, Social Policy, and Political RegimesBerman, Chantal E
2019Economic Interdependence, Political Risks, and the Limits to LiberalizationAlkon, Meir
2019Do Facts Speak for Themselves? Causes and Consequences of Partisan Bias in Factual BeliefsKhanna, Kabir
2019The Political Effects of Hosting Refugees on Local CommunitiesZhou, Yang-Yang
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 174