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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Kinetic neoclassical calculations of impurity radiation profilesStotler, D.P.; Battaglia, D.J.; Hager, R.; Kim, K.; Koskela, T.; Park, G.; Reinke, M.L.
2017Sensitivity of WallDYN material migration modeling to uncertainties in mixed-material surface binding energiesNichols, J.H.; Jaworski, M.A.; Schmid, K.
Jan-2017Modeling of Lithium Granule Injection in NSTX with M3D-C1Fil, A.; Kolemen, E.; Bortolon, A.; Ferraro, N.; Jardin, S.; Parks, P.B.; Lunsford, R.; Maingi, R.
Apr-2017Nonlinear simulations of beam-driven Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes in NSTXBelova, E.V.; Gorelenkov, N.N.; Crocker, N.A.; Lestz, J.B.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Tang, S.; Tritz, K.
May-2017The Role of Recti ed Currents in Far-Field RF Sheaths and in SOL Losses of HHFW Power on NSTXPerkins, R.J.; Hosea, J.C.; Jaworski, M.A.; Bell, R.E.; Bertelli, N.; Kramer, G.J.; Roquemore, L.; Taylor, G.; Wilson, J.R.
Jul-2017Stabilizing effect of resistivity towards ELM-free H-mode discharge in lithium-conditioned NSTXBanerjee, D.; Zhu, P.; Maingi, R.
Jun-2017Energy Exchange Dynamics across L-H Transitions in NSTXDiallo, A.; Banerjee, S.; Zweben, S.; Stoltzfus-Dueck, T.
Jan-2017Nonlinear fishbone dynamics in spherical tokamaksWang, F.; Fu, G.Y.; Shen, W.
Nov-2016Theory based scaling of edge turbulence and implications for the scrape-off layer widthMyra, J.R.; Russell, D.A.; Zweben, S.J.
Aug-2016Effect of progressively increasing lithium conditioning on edge transport and stability in high triangularity NSTX H-modesMaingi, R.; Canik, J.M.; Bell, R.E.; Boyle, D.P.; Diallo, A.; Kaita, R.; Kaye, S.M.; LeBlanc, B.P.; Sabbagh, S.A.; Scotti, F.; Soukhanovskii, V.A.
Dec-2016Collisional dependence of Alfven mode saturation in tokamaksZhou, M.; White, R.
Nov-2016Saturation of Alfven modes in tokamaksWhite, R; Gorelenkov, N.; Gorelenkova, M.; Podesta, M.; Ethier, S.; Chen, Y.
Jun-2016Linear gyrokinetic simulations of microinstabilities within the pedestal region of H-mode NSTX discharges in a highly shaped geometryCoury, M.; Guttenfelder, W.; Mikkelsen, D.; Canik, J.; Canal, G.; Diallo, A.; Kaye, S.; Kramer, G.; Maingi, R.
Jun-2016Phase coherence of parametric-decay modes during high-harmonic fast-wave heating in the National Spherical Torus ExperimentCarlsson, J.; Wilson, J.R.; Hosea, J.; Greenough, N.; Perkins, R.
Aug-2016Mitigation of Alfven activity by 3D magnetic perturbations on NSTXKramer, G.J; Bortolon, A.; Ferraro, N.M.; Spong, D.A.; Crocker, N.A.; Darrow, D.S.; Fredrickson, E.D.; Kubota, S.; Park, J.-K.; Podesta, M.; Heidbrink, W.W.
Apr-2016Phase space effects on fast ion distribution function modeling in tokamaksPodesta, M.; M. Gorelenkova; E.D. Fredrickson; N.N. Gorelenkov
Apr-2016Quasi-linear gyrokinetic predictions of the Coriolis momentum pinch in NSTXGuttenfelder W.; S.M. Kaye; Y. Ren; W. Solomon; R.E. Bell; J. Candy; S.P. Gerhardt; B.P. LeBlanc; H. Yuh
Apr-2016Observation of quasi-coherent edge fluctuations in Ohmic plasmas on NSTXBanerjee, S.; A. Diallo; S.J. Zweben
Jan-2016Blob Structure and Motion in the Edge and SOL of NSTXZweben, S.J.; J.R. Myra; W.M. Davis; D.A. D'Ippolito; T.K. Gray; S.M. Kaye; B.P. LeBlanc; R.J. Maqueda; D.A. Russell; D.P. Stotler
Sep-2015Evolution patterns and parameter regimes in edge localized modes on the National Spherical Torus ExperimentSmith, D.R.; R.J. Fonck; G.R. McKee; A. Diallo; S.M. Kaye; B.P. LeBlanc; S.A. Sabbagh
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41