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Title: Modeling of resistive plasma response in toroidal geometry using an asymptotic matching approach
Contributors: Z. R. Wang
A. H. Glasser
D. Brennan
Y. Q. Liu
J-K. Park
U. S. Department of Energy
Keywords: MHD simulation
resistive plasma response
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Publisher: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University
Related Publication: Physics of Plasmas
Abstract: The method of solving linear resistive plasma response, based on the asymptotic matching approach, is developed for full toroidal tokamaks by upgrading the Resistive DCON code [A.H. Glasser, Z.R. Wang and J.-K. Park, Physics of Plasmas, \textbf{23}, 112506 (2016)]. The derived matching matrix, asymptotically matching the outer and inner regions, indicates that the applied three dimension (3-D) magnetic perturbations contribute additional small solutions at each resonant surface due to the toroidal coupling of poloidal modes. In contrast, the resonant harmonic only affects the corresponding resonant surface in the cylindrical plasma. Since the solution of ideal outer region is critical to the asymptotic matching and is challenging to be solved in the toroidal geometry due to the singular power series solution at the resonant surfaces, systematic verification of the outer region $\Delta^\prime$ matrix is made by reproducing the well known analytical $\Delta^{\prime}$ result in [H.P. Furth, P.H. Rutherford and H. Selberg, The Physics of Fluids, \textbf{16}, 1054-1063 (1073)] as well as by making a quantitative benchmark with the PEST3 code [A. Pletzer and R.L. Dewar, J. Plasma Physics, \textbf{45}, 427-451 (1991)]. Finally, the reconstructed numerical solution of resistive plasma response from the toroidal matching matrix is presented. Comparing with the ideal plasma response, the global structure of the response can be affected by the small finite island at the resonant surfaces.
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