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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Addressing an Elephant in the Room: Self-Disclosure and Social Support Following Negative Intergroup ExperiencesAlegre, Jan Marie
2015Beyond retribution: The role of transformative justice motives for people's reactions to wrongdoersFunk, Friederike
2013The Bias Blind Spot and Making Objective Decisions Despite ItHansen, Katherine Elizabeth
2012Building, Betraying, and Buffering Trust in Interracial and Same-Race FriendshipsBergsieker, Hilary Burbank
2014Changing Minds: Behavioral and Neural Insights Into Impression UpdatingMende-Siedlecki, Peter
2017Crossing Status Divides: Stereotypes, Strategies, and SolutionsDupree, Cydney H.
2017Cycle Of Violence: Perpetrating Violence and Identification With Violent GroupsLittman, Rebecca
2019Derogatory Gendered Labels: On Twitter and in the LabConnor, Rachel
2013From Jurassic to Classic and East to West, an Inconvenienced Youth: Explaining, Reducing, and Measuring Age BiasNorth, Michael Steven
2018Gender Biases in Facial ImpressionsOH, DONGWON
2019Having a Voice in Your Group: Field Experimental Evidence on Behavioral and Attitudinal ChangesWu, Jueyu
2015Hustle: Social Order in Extralegal ExchangeFerguson, Rachael Heath
2014Implicit Homophily: Effects of implicit outgroup bias on ingroup affiliationJacoby-Senghor, Drew Sedar
2016Inequality up close and (inter)personal: How individuals manage impressions in interpersonal interactions across social status dividesSwencionis, Jillian Kendra
2015Learning to Practice, Becoming Spiritual: Spiritual Disciplines as Projects of the SelfJohnston, Erin F
2012More than a face: Interactions between visual and non-visual social knowledgeVerosky, Sara
2020Public Acts of Deviance: Determinants and ConsequencesGomila, Robin
2020Racial Diversity, Racial Bias, and Students' Well-Being within Collegiate Micro-ClimatesEikenburg, Lindsey Brooke
2016Saving Money on Your Own or in Solidarity: An Experiment on Women’s Empowerment and Intimate-Partner Violence in ColombiaTankard, Margaret Elaine