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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A map for all seasons: Tracking transmission dynamics and mortality of childhood infections through the yearMahmud, Ayesha S
2017An Awful Gladness: African American Experiences of Infant Death from Slavery to the Great MigrationMuigai, Wangui
2012Children in Glass Houses: Toward a Hygienic, Eugenic Architecture for Children During the Third Republic in France (1870-1940)Greene, Gina Marie
2013The Correlates of Postpartum Blood Loss: Examination of Means and Markers for Risk ReductionSheldon, Wendy
2016Essays on Health Economics and WellbeingMarquez-Padilla, Fernanda
2011In Sickness and Wealth:Three Essays on Health Human Capital and HIV in sub-Sahran AfricaGummerson, Elizabeth Anne
2016Integrating Data, Demography, and Dynamics to Inform Vaccination Policy: Measles and Rubella in a Changing WorldWinter, Amy Kaye
2015An Intimate Epidemic: HIV and Marriage in Rural UgandaSully, Elizabeth Anne
2015Little women: Essays on maternal nutrition, social hierarchy, and health in IndiaCoffey, Diane
2014Macroeconomic conditions, welfare state policy, and the evaluation of disabilityOBrien, Rourke Liam
2011Perspectives on Social Inequality, Migration, and Health: Three Essays on MexicoUllmann, Silvia Heidi
2015The Political Development of Disease: Mental Health and the American StateNachlis, Herschel
2015Socioeconomic Status and Health: A Role for Immune Function?Todd, Megan
2018Strike While the Iron is Hot: Post-Soviet Healthcare Reforms and the Critical Juncture of the 1990sHolom, Brittany Leigh
2019The Role of Sleep in the Status Attainment ProcessJames, Sarah Alayne
2023Three Essays on Causal Inference with Observational Data and the Sociology of Mental Health and Self-HarmFelton, Chris
2015Three Essays on Child Health and Economic Wellbeing in Four Developing CountriesNolan, Laura Baronoff
2016Within-Host and Population-level Modeling of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus DynamicsBirger, Ruthie Breina