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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A Framework for Access Control and Resource Allocation for FederationsSevinc, Soner
2015Abstractions for Software-defined NetworksSchlesinger, Cole
2015Accountable AlgorithmsKroll, Joshua Alexander
2013Accurate, Robust and Structure-Aware Hair CaptureLuo, Linjie
2017Addressing Security and Privacy Challenges in Internet of ThingsMosenia, Arsalan
2017Advances in decision-making under uncertainty: inference, finite-time analysis, and health applicationsWang, Yingfei
2018Algorithms for deciphering cancer genomes: from differential mutation to differential allele specific expressionPrzytycki, Pawel
2014Algorithms for High Dimensional DataNguyen, Huy Le
2017Algorithms for Image Restoration and 3D Reconstruction from Cryo-EM ImagesBhamre, Tejal
2018Algorithms in Strategic or Noisy EnvironmentsMao, Jieming
2014Analysis and Optimization Techniques for Massively Parallel ProcessorsJia, Wenhao
2015Analyzing, Optimizing and Synthesizing Scenes by Reasoning About Relationships Between ObjectsLiu, Tianqiang
2013Applications of Latent Variable Models for Modeling Influence and Decision MakingGerrish, Sean Michael
2013Applications of Machine Learning to Location DataKapicioglu, Berk
2012Approximability and Mathematical RelaxationsManokaran, Rajsekar
2014Approximation Algorithms for Network Routing and Facility Location ProblemsLi, Shi
2017Architectural Support for Large-scale Shared Memory SystemsFu, Yaosheng
2013ASAP: Automatic Speculative Acyclic Parallelization for ClustersKim, Hanjun
2013Assertions for Debugging Parallel ProgramsSchwartz-Narbonne, Daniel
2018Automated discovery of privacy violations on the webEnglehardt, Steven