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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013ArchiteXt: The Readable, Playable and Edible Architecture of Japanese New WaveHsieh, Lisa L.
2012"Bandit Suppression" in Manchukuo (1932-1945)Li, Yaqin
2018Between Makassars: Site, Story, and the Transoceanic Afterlives of Shaykh Yusuf of MakassarJappie, Saarah
2019Bronze Cultures in the Middle Yangtze River Valley (c. 1500-1000 BCE)Cao, Yecheng
2017Changing Along with the World: Adaptive Agency in Early ChinaValmisa Oviedo, Mercedes
2019Crafting Payoffs: Strategies and Effectiveness of Economic StatecraftWong, Audrye
2015Family Matters: Managing Illness in Late Tokugawa Japan, 1750-1868Young, William Evan
2012Forging Fukuoka: Locality and Development in Modern JapanEason, Paul
2012From the Center to the Margins: The Shuihu zhuan and the Transformation of Vernacular Fiction in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth CenturiesGregory, Scott Wentworth
2014Japan's Preoccupation with Religious FreedomThomas, Jolyon Baraka
2015Knowing Islam: The Entangled History of Western Academia and Modern Islamic ThoughtAbbas, Megan Brankley
2020Leviathan's Paradox? Bureaucrats and the Fight Against Corruption in ChinaWang, Erik Haixiao
2017Magistrates and the Law: Judicial Authority and Capital Cases in the Yongzheng Era, 1722-1735Siemon, Katherine Alexis
2016Making China's Greatest Poet: The Construction of Du Fu in the Poetic Culture of the Song Dynasty (960-1279)Chen, Jue
2014Mediated Empire: Colonial Taiwan in Japan's Imperial Expansion in South China and Southeast Asia, 1895-1945Shirane, Seiji
2015Morality on the Margins: Fostering Disabled Children in Contemporary ChinaRaffety, Erin L.
2018Narrating Vengeful Spirits and Genealogies in Premodern Japanese LiteratureHayashi, Kaoru
2013Navigating Floating Worlds: Curatorial Strategies in Contemporary Chinese Art, 1979-2008Lim, Michelle Yin Yin
2012Pilgrimage to the Sacred Traces of K├┤yasan: Place and Devotion in Late Heian JapanLindsay, Ethan