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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Parental Rights in EducationMoschella, Melissa
2011Party Brands in Crisis: Partisanship, Brand Dilution, and the Breakdown of Political Parties in Latin AmericaLupu, Noam
2013Pathways of Cooperation: Integrated and Un-integrated International Environmental GovernanceOvodenko, Alexander
2013Perfecting War: The Organizational Sources of Doctrinal ChangeHunzeker, Michael Allen
2012Politics Between Black and WhiteDavenport, Lauren Diane
2012The Politics of Envy and Esteem in Two DemocraciesMcClendon, Gwyneth H.
2014Politics of International Finance and Bank RegulationsWilf, Meredith
2015The Power of Numbers: Ethnic Group Size, Collective Action, and Ethnic Civil ConflictWaddell Boie, Jaquilyn Rae
2013Presidential Power and Judicial ConstraintThrower, Sharece
2014Protection States Trust?: Major Power Patronage, Nuclear Behavior, and Alliance DynamicsLanoszka, Alexander
2015Responsiveness and Policy Choice in Local Governments: The Case of Municipal Policies Toward Hydraulic FracturingBarnes, Matthew Stephen
2013Revolutionary Emotion: Empathy and Equality in the United StatesCzaja, Erica
2012The Rule of Law in the Global Economy: Explaining Institutional Diversity in Transborder Commercial DisputesHale, Thomas
2014Selective Sovereignty: Foreign Policy, Ethnic Identity, and the Politics of AsylumAbdelaaty, Lamis
2013Settling the Score: The Interactive Effect of Talking and Fighting on War Duration and TerminationMastro, Oriana Skylar
2014Shadowing the Hegemon? Great Power Norms, Socialization, and the Military Trajectories of Rising PowersLiff, Adam Phail
2012Shadows of Empire: Historical Memory in Post-Imperial Successor StatesWalker, Joshua William
2014The Social Influence of Religious Congregations on Political BehaviorSnell, Steven Andrew
2012Spinoza's Political RealismField, Sandra
2014State Building on the Ground: Police Reform and Participatory Security in Latin AmericaGonzalez, Yanilda Maria