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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2007The Quest for Sustainable Forest Management: Exploring Public-Private Partnerships in the Forestry Sector in PakistanKhan, Shaheen Rafi; Pracha, Ali Shahrukh; Shaheen, Nazima; Ahmed, Riaz
2001Recent Trends in Foreign Direct Investment & Trans National Corporate Behaviour Key Lessons and Implications for PakistanShaheen, Faisal Haq
2000Recommendations for Pakistan’s Position Regarding Future WTO MinisterialsShaheen, Faisal Haq
2003Regional Initiatives (Institutional, Human, Organizational) Required to Implement the Agreements on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), and on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) and their ProvisionsKhan, Shaheen Rafi; Haider, Sadia
2007The Relationship between Corporate Governance Indicators and Firm Value: A Case Study of Karachi Stock ExchangeJaved, Attiya Y.; Iqbal, Robina
2015Relocating the Centers of Shīʿī Islam: Religious Authority, Sectarianism, and the Limits of the Transnational in Colonial India and PakistanFuchs, Simon Wolfgang
2014Remittances and Economic Growth: The Role of Financial DevelopmentQayyum, Unbreen; Nawaz, Muhammad
2011Remittances and Poverty Linkages in Pakistan: Evidence and Some Suggestions for Further AnalysisIrfan, Mohammad
2006Remittances, Trade Liberalisation, and Poverty in Pakistan: The Role of Excluded Variables in Poverty Change AnalysisSiddiqui, Rizwana; Kemal, A. R.
1999Review of Pakistan Poverty DataGazdar, Haris
1993The Role of NGOs in Pursuing Populations Issues: Draft Chapter for the ICPD Pakistan Country Report-
1994A Sectoral and Process Oriented Approach to the Human Rights Agenda in PakistanAfzal, Ahmed
2012Shocks as a Source of Vulnerability: An Empirical Investigation from PakistanHaq, Rashida
2006A Significant Shift in Causal Relations of Money, Income, and Prices in Pakistan: The Price Hikes in the Early 1970sHusain, Fazal; Rashid, Abdul
May-2013Social Accountability in Pakistan: Challenges, Gaps, Opportunities and the Way ForwardYaseen, Fayyaz
Jun-2014Social Accountability of Women in Pakistan: A case study of SialkotNaz, Afsheen
2006A Social Accounting Matrix for Pakistan, 2001-02: Methodology and ResultsDorosh, Paul; Niazi, Muhammad Khan; Nazli, Hina
1992Social Action Plan 1992-95: Government of NWFP-
12-Nov-2013Social Protection in Balochistan-
12-Nov-2013Social Protection in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-