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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Framework Convention on Climate ChangeAlam, Sadaf
2007A Fresh Assessment of the Underground Economy and Tax Evasion in Pakistan: Causes, Consequences, and Linkages with the Formal EconomyKemal, M. Ali
Mar-2015Fund-raising for Energy Projects in PakistanKhan, Huma Dad; Ahmed, Vaqar
Nov-2012Future of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Perspectives from PakistanDoolan, Andrew; Ahmed, Vaqar
Sep-2010Gender and Land Reforms in PakistanBrohi, Nazish
Sep-2010Gender and Land Reforms in PakistanBrohi, Nazish
2012The Gender Differences in School Enrolment and Returns to Education in PakistanQureshi, Madeeha Gohar
Jan-2011Gender-based violence in Pakistan : a scoping studyParveen, Rakhshinda
2015The Global Financial and Economic Crisis in the South : Impact and ResponsesLéon-Manríquez, José Luis; Moyo, Theresa
2014Governance and the Effectiveness of Foreign CapitalQayyum, Unbreen; Siftain, Hasan
Aug-2013Green Growth and Technological Innovation: A case for South Asian countriesManzoor, Rabia; Ramay, Shakeel Ahmad
2007The Harris-Todaro HypothesisKhan, M.Ali
Apr-2007The History of Private Power in PakistanAli, Fahd; Beg, Fatima
2004How Can Pakistan Reduce Infant and Child Mortality Rates? A Decomposition AnalysisShehzad, Shafqat
Apr-2015How Does Socio-Economic Factors Force Children into Child Labour? A case study of Sahiwal district, Punjab, PakistanMohsin Ali Kazmi, Syed
Jan-2013Human resources development and foreign remittances: The case of South Asia.Mahmood, Hamid; Wahab, Muhammad Abdul; Ahmed, Vaqar
Sep-2012IMF Stand-by Arrangent for Pakistan and its inclusive end- what went wrong?Hyder, Syed Nazre
2014Importing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): A Policy AnalysisAbbasi, Arshad H.; Kamal, Maha
1993Improving the Provision of Justice in PakistanBanuri, Tariq
Oct-2012India-Pakistan Trade: Qualitative Perceptions from StakeholdersNaz, Afsheen