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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Partition of India: The Case of Sindh Migration, Violence and Peaceful SindhSalim, Ahmad
2002The Partitions of Self Mohajir Women’s Sense of Identity and NationhoodSaigol, Rubina
2007Perfect CompetitionKhan, M.Ali
2011The Persistence and Transition of Rural Poverty in Pakistan: 1998-2004Arif, G. M.; Iqbal, Nasir; Farooq, Shujaat
Nov-2011A Pilot Study on: Honour Killings in Pakistan and Compliance of LawLari, Maliha Zia
Feb-2009A Place for Women? Gender as a Social and Political Construct in PakistanReynolds, Nathalène
2014Planning for Floods: Now or NeverSaeed, Fahad; Suleri, Abid Qaiyum; Salik, Kashif Majeed
1993Population and Environment: Draft Chapter for the ICPD Pakistan Country Report-
Aug-2013Population Dynamics in Pakistan: Past, Present and FutureWazir, Muhammad Asif
1992Population, Environment and De-Responsibilisation: Case Studies from the Rural Areas of PakistanBanuri, Tariq; Amalric, Franck
2002Poverty and EnvironmentKilleen, Damian; Khan, Shaheen Rafi
Jun-2014Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of Expanded Program on Immunization in PakistanAhmed, Vaqar; Ahmed, Sofia
2011Poverty Dynamics of Female-headed Households in Pakistan: Evidence from PIHS 2000-01 and PSLM 2004-05Khalid, Umer; Akhtar, Sajjad
2006Poverty-reducing or Poverty-inducing? A CGE-based Analysis of Foreign Capital Inflows in PakistanSiddiqui, Rizwana; Kemal, A. R.
2007Preference for Public Sector Jobs and Wait Unemployment: A Micro Data AnalysisHyder, Asma
2012Preliminary Study: Explaining the Ten-fold Increase in Remittances to Pakistan 2001-2012Amjad, Rashid; Arif, G. M.; Irfan, M.
1993A Programme for the Implementation of the Obligations of the Convention on Biological DiversityAlam, Sadaf
Oct-2013Promoting Regional Cooperation in South Asia through Integrated Forms of GovernanceHakimjee, Adnan Talib
1994Proposed Revision to Eight Plan FormatBanuri, Tariq
Nov-2007The Quest for Sustainable Forest Management: Exploring Public-Private Partnerships in the Forestry Sector in PakistanKhan, Shaheen Rafi; Pracha, Ali Shahrukh; Shaheen, Nazima; Ahmed, Riaz