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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effective and Efficient Forensic Analysis via System MonitoringGao, Peng
2019Efficient Higher-Order Optimization for Machine LearningBullins, Brian Anderson
2015Efficient interfaces for accurate annotation of 3D point cloudsBoyko, Aleksey Sergey
2018Efficient Processing and Delivery of Multimedia DataTang, Linpeng
2018Enabling Programmable Infrastructure for Multi-Tenant Data CentersShahbaz, Muhammad
2020Enhancing Anonymity Systems under Network and User DynamicsSun, Yixin
2014Erasure Codes for Optimal Node Repairs in Distributed Storage SystemsGoparaju, Sreechakra
2019Expanding the computational biologist’s toolkit: Experimental design and multi-modality in genomicsDumitrascu, Bianca
2017Exploiting the Structure of Modern Web ApplicationsBlankstein, Aaron
2016Extracting Cognition out of Images for the Purpose of Autonomous DrivingChen, Chenyi
2012Extracting Information from High-Dimensional Data: Probabilistic Modeling, Inference and EvaluationPolatkan, Gungor
2012Fault Tolerant Architectures for On-Chip NetworksAisopos, Konstantinos
2015Feature Screening for the LassoWang, Yun
2012Finding Dense Structures in Graphs and MatricesBhaskara, Aditya
2018Flexible and Scalable Systems for Network ManagementGupta, Arpit
2016Flexible Enterprise Network Management on Commodity SwitchesKang, Nanxi
2018From Pixels to Scenes: Recovering 3D Geometry and Semantics for Indoor EnvironmentsZhang, Yinda
2011Game theory and optimization in boostingMukherjee, Indraneel
2018Hardness Amplification in Two Prover Game and Communication ComplexityKo, Young Kun
2017Hardness from Densest Subgraph ConjecturesNaamad, Yonatan