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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Baroque RemainsRumsey-Merlan, James
2017Beyond the Bildungsroman Illusion: Representations of Intellectual Development In the Works of George Eliot and G.W.F. HegelLerro, Eduardo
2015Blacker in Black: The Romanian Surrealist Group and Postwar SurrealismHansen, Catherine
2016Civic Feeling: Pushkin and the Decembrist Emotional CommunityWang, Emily Ambrose
2019Credible Impostures: Translation and Prose Fiction in the Long Eighteenth CenturyYousef, Aia Hussein
2012Dialectics of Spontaneity: Art, Nature, and Persona in the Life and Works of Su Shi (1037-1101)Yang, Zhiyi
2015Disarming Intelligence: On a Modern French FacultyPaul, Zakir
2017Dreaming for Others in Culture and the NovelSpellberg, Matthew Moscicki
2015Embodiment in Post-Somatic, Postdramatic Russian New DramaWeygandt, Elena Susanna
2020Fear Obscured: The Apophatic Horror of Nikolai GogolNikulin, Lev
2014Feeling Faint: Exposing Consciousness in the RenaissancePertile, Giulio
2017Feeling Thought: Literature and the Material ImaginationRose, Kira Alexandra
2014Geomorphic Poetics: Mountainous Transformations from E.T.A. Hoffmann to Elfriede JelinekKlenner, Jens
2020Glückliche Enden. Aus der Geschichte der affirmativen KunstBunia, Anton Johann
2016Homo Ahistoricus: Reading Disavowals of History in Colonial South Asian WritingBhattacharyya, Ritwik
2014Inmyddes: The Place of Form in Middle English PoetryLemons, Andrew
2016La Recherche en question: l'aporie dans "À la recherche du temps perdu"L'HERMITTE, Nicolas Georges
2020Matterphorics: On the Laws of TheoryGandorfer, Daniela
2018Novel Under the Influence: Modernism and Intoxication in Baudelaire, James, Proust, and RhysBarton, Robert