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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Reviving the Rural: The Modernist Poetics of the 20th Century Rural NovelMoffitt, Anne Fay
2015The Russian Sublime: Origins, Rhetoric, and Romantic Response in Pushkin, Platonov, and PelevinPortice, Timothy James
2011The Secret Languages of Modernism: On James, Woolf, and FaulknerChun, Maureen
2017Sensations of Tone: Colored Hearing and the Decline of Meter in French VerseYamaguchi, Liesl Marie Jensen
2015Solitude and Imagination: Cicero, Virgil, Horace, PropertiusKachuck, Aaron
2013Strange Likeness: Modernist Description in James, Proust, and WoolfZhang, Dora
2011Supplication and the Classical Tradition: Vergil, Petrarch, Shakespeare, MiltonWhittington, Leah
2017The Invention of Chinese Buddhist Poetry: Poet-Monks in Late Medieval China (c. 760–960 CE)Mazanec, Thomas James
2018The Pace of Modern Fiction: A History of Narrative Movement in ModernityGingrich, Brian Paul
2016The Poetic Act: Lamartine's Integration of Art and PoliticsHutchings, Peter
2018The Sociality of Novelistic Consciousness: György Lukács, Henry James, and the Practice of Novel TheoryWu, Eaming
2013Theories of the Nonsense Word in Medieval EnglandKirk, Jordan
2012The Theory of Intensive Magnitudes in Leibniz and KantDiehl, Catharine Elizabeth
2014Towards a Modernist Hellenism: Ezra Pound, H.D., and the Translation of GreeceStergiopoulou, Aikaterini (Katerina)
2016Traces of the Unseen: Photography, Writing and Contact in Three Expeditions in the TropicsSa Carvalho Pereira, Carolina
2017Tragic Resistance: Decolonization and Disappearance in Postcolonial LiteratureGunaratne, Anjuli Ishani
2016Translating Universality: Marxism in Latin America and the CaribbeanArnall, Gavin
2017Versions of the Concrete: Brazilian Mid-Century Aesthetics (1945-1970)Wolfson, Nathaniel Zlotkin
2018Vox Manet: Samuel Beckett’s Novels of Possession and Dispossession, 1938–1955Kenny, Eva
2013A Way of Seeing: Modernism, Illustration, and Postcolonial LiteratureHyde, Emily