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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Radiative and Mechanical AGN Feedback in Galaxy EvolutionChoi, Ena
2020Radiative Processes in Astrophysical and Laboratory PlasmasMunirov, Vadim R.
2015SABRE: A search for dark matter and a test of the DAMA/LIBRA annual-modulation result using thallium-doped sodium-iodide scintillation detectorsShields, Emily Kathryn
2012Seeing the Lyman-Alpha Forest for the Trees: Constraints on the Thermal State of the IGM from SDSS-III/BOSSLee, Khee-Gan
2015Shear dynamo, turbulence, and the magnetorotational instabilitySquire, Jonathan
2017Simulating chemistry in star forming environmentsGong, Munan
2018Simulating Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks and Planetary Atmospheres with Consistent Radiation and ThermochemistryWang, Lile
2020Solar Equilibrium à la Grad-ShafranovGunderson, Lee Michael
2016Star/Galaxy Separation in Hyper Suprime-Cam and Mapping the Milky Way with Star CountsGarmilla, Jose Antonio
2013Study of Argon from Underground Sources for Dark Matter DetectionXu, Jingke
2014A Study of Nuclear Recoils in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber for the Direct Detection of WIMP Dark MatterCao, Huajie
2012Study on pep and CNO solar neutrino interaction rates in BorexinoChavarria, Alvaro Eugenio
2018Studying the Cosmic Microwave Background with Spider’s First FlightYoung, Edward
2015Synergies of Ground and Space Based Transit SurveysHuang, Xu
2019The Dark Side of the Gravitational Force: Lessons from Astrophysics on Gravity, Black Holes, and Dark MatterPardo, Kristofer
2016The First Flight of the SPIDER Balloon-Borne TelescopeRahlin, Alexandra Sasha
2019The Microphysics of Gyroresonant Streaming Instabilities and Cosmic Ray Self-ConfinementHolcomb, Cole
2016Topics in Extrasolar Planet CharacterizationHowe, Alex Ryan
2011Towards a Depleted Argon Time Projection Chamber WIMP Search: DarkSide Prototype Analysis and Predicted SensitivityLoer, Ben Michael
2019Towards an Understanding of Core-Collapse SupernovaeVartanyan, David