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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1989Tseng, LarryAES Digital Audio Interface to a NeXT ComputerVerdu, Sergio
1988August, David A.Correlation Cryptanalysis of LFSR Ciphers Employing Nonlinearly Filtered ML-Sequences as KeyVerdu, Sergio
2006Leano, JosephData Compression Based Channel Coding for Discrete Channels with FeedbackVerdu, Sergio
1987Garth, Lee M.A Demonstrational High-Speed Modem with an Adaptive EqualizerVerdu, Sergio
2015Siano, GregoryInformation Theory and TennisVerdu, Sergio
-Liu, JingboInformation Theory from A Functional ViewpointCuff, Paul; Verdu, Sergio
2012Miller, ReillyAn Introductory Survey of Two Methods for the Calculation of the Eigenvalue Distribution in Large Random MatricesVerdu, Sergio
-Kostina, VictoriaLossy data compression: nonasymptotic fundamental limitsVerdu, Sergio
1988Chow, Peter S.Maximal Length Sequences and Multiple Access Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum CommunicationsVerdu, Sergio
1987Gray, Jeffrey; Bier, JeffreyA Programmable Digital Audio Effects Processor: Algorithm Development and System DesignVerdu, Sergio
2009Baldassano, Christopher AnthonyResolvability for Single-Qubit Projective MeasurementsVerdu, Sergio
1989Jia, Yan-TaoSimulation Algorithm in Multiple-Access Communication ChannelsVerdu, Sergio
1988Gadenz, PabloSpectral Analysis of Operatic VoicesVerdu, Sergio
1988Balloun, J. MarkA System for the Retrieval and Storage of Digital Audio Data from a Compact Disc PlayerVerdu, Sergio
1988Frangione, Thomas S.A System for the Retrieval and Storage of Digital Audio Data from a Compact Disc Player [located under Thesis #3363]Verdu, Sergio