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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Palmer, John RBActivity-Space Segregation: Understanding Social Divisions in Space and TimeTienda, Marta
2018Jegede, TobiAn Analysis of the Association between College Information Source and Density and the College Attendance Behaviors of Low-Income StudentsTienda, Marta
2014Wagner, ElizabethBattle of the Bulge: Ideology and the Framing of Obesity in News Media, 2007-2013Tienda, Marta
2001Wexler, ZevBattle over Jerusalem: Haredization's Effect on Urban PolicyTienda, Marta
2000Marrow, Helen BecklerBuscando Mejor Vida: Educational Selectivity and the Labor Market Integration of Argentines, Colombians, and Dominicans in the United StatesTienda, Marta
-O'Neil, Kevin SingletonChallenging change: Local policies and the new geography of American immigrationTienda, Marta
2019Mangum, KirkChicago or Chi-raq: Evaluating the association between neighborhood segregation and crime in ChicagoTienda, Marta
2017Sotelo, CarlosClick Here for More Information: An Analysis of College Website Information for Undocumented StudentsTienda, Marta
2015Wagner, HarrisonContracting for Poor Performance: The Failures of Private Prisons in The United StatesTienda, Marta
1998Mangum, Ayana RosaDo You See What I See? A Study of Race and Gender in Elementary School TextbooksTienda, Marta
2014James, DamaliDOMINICAN DENATIONALIZATION: A Discussion of TC0168-13 and Factors of Dominican Immigration PolicyTienda, Marta
2006Walkinshaw, Brady PiñeroDropping Out in Villa NuevaTienda, Marta
2006Schaffer, Sarah E.Enhancing UNHCR Operations Through Partnership in Latin America: An Analysis of UNHCR Partnerships Targeting Colombian Refugee Women in EcuadorTienda, Marta
2018Wu, NicholasFinding Safe Passage: Analyzing Juvenile Asylum Determinations in the United States and the European UnionTienda, Marta
2019Agostinelli, KevinFollow the Money: An Analysis of the Geographic Variation of Gang Violence in El SalvadorTienda, Marta
2014Holman, DanielleGentrification and School Segregation: Exploring the Impact of Gentrification on Harlem’s Public SchoolsTienda, Marta
2000Richter, Annette MarianneHigh School Dropout Prevention in the Latino Community: A Case Study of a CAPS Program in New York CityTienda, Marta
2001Okparaeke, NwakaegoHope at Home: An Analysis of the Role of African-American Faith-Based Organizations in HIV PreventionTienda, Marta
2013Glover, EnyonamImmigrant Advantage: An Empirical Study of Earnings: African and Caribbean Women in the USTienda, Marta
2000Jennings, Jennifer LeeThe Implementation of Whole-School Reform in New Jersey's Urban School DistrictsTienda, Marta