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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-George, JoppanAirborne Colony: Culture and Politics of Aviation in India, 1910-1939Prakash, Gyan; Thompson, Emily
2018Robinson, EricAmerican Masculinity 1920-1960: How Music Reflects Changes in Gender NormsThompson, Emily
2017Hall, PatrickThe Boats That Won the War: American Amphibious Vehicles in World War IIThompson, Emily
2014Espino, AdamChanting Down BabylonThompson, Emily
2009Robinson, Bailey AnneThe Development of the Female Consumer and Its Effects on Advertising, 1930-1960Thompson, Emily
2009Harsh V, Griffith R.The Electrical Goldmine: L. L. Nunn and the Social Construction of Early Alternating Current Electrical TransmissionThompson, Emily
2009Ewenczyk, Arthur Jacob MauriceFlying Between War and Peace: The Military Importance of Developing Commercial Aviation, 1917-1926Thompson, Emily
2017Smith, KelseyFrom EDU to ESPN: Title IX and its Effect on the Women's Rowing Team at Princeton UniversityThompson, Emily
2014Neumann, BenjaminIf They Move, Kill ‘Em: The Rise of Violence in American Cinema Amidst the Demise of the Production Code and the Emergence of the Movie Rating SystemThompson, Emily
2010Day, Whitney Van NessMusic Technology and American Society: Transformations in the Culture of Listening from the Age of the Phonograph to the Age of the iPodThompson, Emily
2020Xu, ToniNeither Apocryphal Nor Apocalyptic: The Misinterpreted History and Overlooked Legacy of the Year 2000 CrisisThompson, Emily
2012Stanojevich, Cristina(NOTE: title too long) Autopsy of the Living: The Absurd and Improbable Aspirations of Roentgen Ray Enthusiasts in the United States c. 1895-1910; With Specific Consideration of the Relationship Between Technology and the Body; ...Thompson, Emily
2010Karacozoff, Joel K.One War, Two Battles, Three Classes, Four Choices: Significant Factors that Defined the Roles of Draft Eligible Men During the Vietnam War EraThompson, Emily
2008West, Matthew K.Radio's Transformation from World War II to the Vietnam War: A Study of the Political Impact of Mass MediaThompson, Emily
2018Garrido, AidaSound of the 20th Century: Noise, Music, and WeaponThompson, Emily
2014Watts, GabriellaTaste, Technology, and Economy: The Decline of the Beverage Whiskey Industry in the United StatesThompson, Emily
2020Robertson, PhillipThe Art and Innovation of Securely Moving Money from the Nineteenth Century to the Twenty-First CenturyThompson, Emily
2021Hontz, Nathaniel"White Blood": How 50 Years of Property Restrictions kept Sussex County, NJ CaucasianThompson, Emily