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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2008Pollio, TimothyAlmost Prime Values of Polynomials on QuadricsSarnak, Peter
1994Rubinstein, MichaelChebyshev's BiasSarnak, Peter
1994Brennan, Thomas JosephDistribution of Values of Diagonal Quadratic Forms at Integer PointsSarnak, Peter
2010Krishna, RahulEntropy and the Squarefree FlowSarnak, Peter
-de Courcy-Ireland, MatthewFine-scale properties of random functionsSarnak, Peter
2018Yang, DaphneFinite Orbits of a Polynomial Automorphism on Ane Three Space with ApplicationsSarnak, Peter; Skinner, Chris
2008Tsou, BenjaminGreen-Tao Theorem and Chen PrimesSarnak, Peter
2008Singh, BhairavThe Half-Dimensional SieveSarnak, Peter
2009Sanden, Katherine BellafioreIntegral Apollonian Circle Packings: A Prime Number ConjectureSarnak, Peter
1994Berube, Susan R.Investigations into the Character of Cubic Bipartite GraphsSarnak, Peter
1994Minsky, YaronIsomorphic Graphs and the Componentwise ProductSarnak, Peter
2003Butt, SalmanKloosterman Sums and the Number Variance of the Spectra of Hyperbolic Modular SurfacesSarnak, Peter
2018De Faveri, AlexandreThe Logarithmic Sarnak Conjecture for Countably Ergodic SystemsKhayutin, Ilya; Sarnak, Peter
2018Angelo, RodrigoMultiplicative functions in almost every short intervalSarnak, Peter; Alon, Noga
2012Makisumi, ShotaroA Note on Riemann Surfaces of Large SystoleSarnak, Peter
2018Gjura, BorianaObfuscating Compute-and-Compare Programs under the LWE assumption: Analysis of the Wichs & Zirdelis SchemeZhandry, Mark; Sarnak, Peter
2019Diaconu, SimonaOn admissible integers of cubic formsSarnak, Peter
2006Kwon, SuehyunOn the Average of Class NumbersSarnak, Peter
2012Hughes, JosephOn the connected components of random real plane curvesSarnak, Peter
1995Meyer, Nicholas J.On the Determination of the Universal Positive Quaternary Quadratic FormsSarnak, Peter