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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2003Hah, Cindy Yick GiAdvertisements, Films, and Cigarettes in Old Shanghai: The Development of a Cigarette Culture in Urban China, 1915-1949Rogaski, Ruth
2002Seo, Sarah AejinBetween Angry Women and Bad Governments: The Contested Historical Memory of the Korean Comfort WomenRogaski, Ruth
2000Smith, Peter M.Covering Castro: U.S. Journalism in the Cuban RevolutionRogaski, Ruth
1999Shinkle, Whitney AllenDressed to Kill: Women's Military Activity in the Civil WarRogaski, Ruth
1997Romero, JenniferHousewife, Worker, Sex Object and Slave: The Fight against Gender Exploitation and the Struggle for Equality by the Japanese Women's MovementRogaski, Ruth
1999Davidson, Stephanie L.Images of Tz'u-His: Representations of the Empress Dowager of China, 1835-1908Rogaski, Ruth
1997Lee, ChristinaIntroducing Traditional Chinese Medicine into a Modern Medical SystemRogaski, Ruth
2003Tsai, Kang-Yun JoyceNational Texts and Gendered Readings: A Critique of Anime and Manga Scholarship and A Re-Reading of Shojo Kakumei UtenaRogaski, Ruth
2000Avelar, Paul VincentNo Deal: The Emergence of the Republican Party in Arizona After World War IIRogaski, Ruth
1997Katz, Derek T.Pacific Destinies: America's Mission in Japan 1853-1900Rogaski, Ruth
2002Solorzano, Monica J."To Make Revolution Irresistible": The Borderlands of Transformative History and the Chicana Feminist Lesbian NarrativeRogaski, Ruth
1999Porwit, Marta K.Unit 731: Japan's Biological and Chemical Warfare Research Facilities in China: An Analysis of China's Victimization and Memorialization ProcessesRogaski, Ruth
2000Stanton, Charlotte YandellUnmasking Tibet: The Regional Tensions that Precluded Tibetan Unity in the 1950'sRogaski, Ruth