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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2005Boone, Katherine N.Becoming American: German-American Dance Halls in the Texas Hill Country and the Representation of CultureRodgers, Daniel T.
1994Mitchell, Meghan M.Blood Brothers Animal Protection and the Darwinian ImpactRodgers, Daniel T.
2001Herschmiller, Thomas A.Borderline Policy: A Comparison of the Factors Influencing 1960s Federal Health Insurance Legislation in Canada and the United StatesRodgers, Daniel T.
2001Sher, Jeremy M.Brand of Infamy: The Andover Witchcraft Outbreak of 1692Rodgers, Daniel T.
2005Farmer, Matthew HestonCivic Contests and Aerial Conquests: A Narrative History of the Airports of the New York Metropolitan Region, 1927-1947Rodgers, Daniel T.
1997Jacobson, Kersten J.The Crystal Palace: The Evolution of the Institute for Advanced Study, 1930-1947Rodgers, Daniel T.
1997Schuh, WilliamCulture in Conflict: Protest and Reaction in California, 1965-1969Rodgers, Daniel T.
2012Barbuto, Vincent James Joseph AnthonyThe Cyclical Relationship Between Nativism and Transnational Violence in Post-World War I and Post-World II United States HistoryRodgers, Daniel T.
1997Lassiter, Sarah E.Defining Democracy: the League of Women Voters and American Politics, 1920-1955Rodgers, Daniel T.
2003Ruben, Gregory HerronElementary Education, Elementary Rights: The Battle Over School Desegregation in Englewood, New JerseyRodgers, Daniel T.
2007Rockefeller, Wyatt G.The Evolution of Americans' Understanding of Sacrifice During Wartime as Reflected in the Depiction of the World War II Soldier in Film Between 1945 and the PresentRodgers, Daniel T.
1998Bonkovsky, Erik OttoAn Examination of Jean-Paul Sartre's 'Existential Anguish' in the Post-War World II Fiction of Ralph Ellison, Norman Mailer, and Allen GinsbergRodgers, Daniel T.
2009McKenna, Marie KindFantastical Reality: The Evolution of Cultural Norms at the Turn of the Century through the American CircusRodgers, Daniel T.
2009Manzo, Caitlin ElizabethFrom Atomic Energy to Lipstick: An Examination of Seventeen Magazine from 1944 to 1959Rodgers, Daniel T.
1993Phillips, Gregory J.From Propaganda to Memoranda: Episodes in the History of a School of Public and International Affairs, 1930-1993Rodgers, Daniel T.
2010Krinsky, Nathan WilliamFrom the Basement to the Club: The Evolution of Dining at Princeton University, 1756 to 1917Rodgers, Daniel T.
2002Pence, IV, George E.The History of LovingRodgers, Daniel T.
2001Stumm, Amanda HardyIdeologies and Realities: The New York Foundling Asylum in the Late Nineteenth CenturyRodgers, Daniel T.
2010Rogers, Kathryn MarieIn League with Criminals: A New Prison System in (Os)borneRodgers, Daniel T.
2012Swanson, ElizatbethThe Life and Times of Mary Zimmerman's MetamorphosesRodgers, Daniel T.