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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1995Roche, Lisa ChristinaAccidental MusicRichardson, James
2016Oh, NamkyuAlmond-Eyed BoyRichardson, James
1993McLean, Alexandraand other poemsRichardson, James
2018Reeves, SarahBecome: PoemsRichardson, James
1999Zuba, Jesse ChristopherBeginner's Mind (poems)Richardson, James
1996Donohue, MichaelBodies of WaterRichardson, James
2020Babikian, DavidA Caryatid, TouchedRichardson, James
2018Marshall, RobertThe Creek and Other PoemsRichardson, James
2005Muller, NicoleDaughter of a Refugee (Tochter Eines Fluchtlings)Richardson, James
2014Pannill, BryanDear Arthur (poetry)Richardson, James
1999Shuford, Eleanor ComerThe Dream of a Feminized Language: The Emergence of Adrienne Rich's Political PoetryRichardson, James
1993Pereira, MiguelThe Dust ManRichardson, James
1993Fisher, Heidi KristinaElizabeth Bishop: Invitation to a VisionRichardson, James
2010Raphel, Adrienne MeredithFor the Snark was a Boojum, you see: The Riddle of Nonsense and the Nonsense of RiddleRichardson, James
2019D'Angelo, NicoletteGUESTHOUSEWheeler, Susan; Richardson, James
2004Hilkene, Cullen BruceHearing Without Listening: Analyzing America's Decreased Attention to Lyrics in Popular MusicRichardson, James
2003Yik, DavidThe Hidden Metropolis: Urban Pressures on the Poetry of TennysonRichardson, James
1995Strauss, Kathryn I.Interdisciplinary Education and Pride and Prejudice: A Study of the Trend of Mechanism and the Diminishing of the Self Through Science, Society, and LiteratureRichardson, James
2008Thomas, James I.It's All GravyRichardson, James
1998King, Kelley ErinKeepers of the Light: Hawthorne, James, Salinger and the Growing Girl in AmericaRichardson, James