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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Feliciano, AlexisAntecedents to Socioeconomic Stereotypes in Children Ages 6 - 10Prentice, Deborah
2012Cole, ClaireClosing the Leadership Gap: Identifying Points for Intervention by Cataloguing Mediators of Leadership EffectivenessPrentice, Deborah
1993Newsome, DamonCrazy People: The Stigmatization of the Mentally Ill in Modern SocietyPrentice, Deborah
-Connor, RachelDerogatory Gendered Labels: On Twitter and in the LabPrentice, Deborah
2014Triplett, Jessica“Does intelligence signal goodness? An implicit association between intelligence and morality?”Prentice, Deborah
2011Merz, CarolineEngine for Achievement? Peer Perceptions and Academic Motivation Among AdolescentsPrentice, Deborah
2014Spina, JillianFemales But Not Followers: Perceptions of Femininity, Self-Concept, and Leadership Ability In Adolescent FemalesPrentice, Deborah
2012Hyde, AshleyGender Differences in Partner Perceptions and Satisfaction in Romantic RelationshipsPrentice, Deborah
1993Plaks, JasonIs Prejudice Inevitable? A Study of the Social Cognition of Stereotyping and Prejudice from a Developmental ApproachPrentice, Deborah
2013Buckle, RachelLike Specters in the Street: Addressing Social Isolation and Marginalization in Interventional Strategies Targeting Homeless Teen MothersPrentice, Deborah
2013Lo, AlisonMorality and Culture: Differences in American and Chinese Moral ReasoningPrentice, Deborah
1993Reed, LairdThe Nonverbal Communication of Status: A Global or Culture-Specific Set of Behaviors in the United States and JapanPrentice, Deborah
2012Bernstein, MadeleineThe Power of Posing: How Body Posture Affects Women's Feelings of Power and Propensity Towards ActionPrentice, Deborah
2011Goodin, DaniaA Psychological Approach to Double Consciousness: The Veil Dividing Black, Asian and Female IdentitiesPrentice, Deborah
2011Arguedas, KristinThe Psychology of Human-Wildlife Conflict Design for an Education Program in ZimbabwePrentice, Deborah
2012Menafra, KimberlyRelational Aggression and Bullying Among Adolescent GirlsPrentice, Deborah
2011Borges, ElizabethSearching For a New Gender of Leadership: How Role Congruity Affects the Self-Pursuit of Leadership Positions of Princeton UndergraduatesPrentice, Deborah
1993Debisschop, MarySelf-Monitoring as a Determinant of Interpersonal Expectancy EffectsPrentice, Deborah
2012Dannals, Jennifer"#SheProbablyAHoodRat if she loves her alcohol": An Examination of the Role of Arousal and Perceived Endorsement in Propagating Social Contagions on TwitterPrentice, Deborah
2020Lee-Elabd, FarrahSmile Like You Mean It: How Race and Culture Influence Smile PerceptionPrentice, Deborah