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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1998Brennan, Seth FinleyAdverse Selection in Automobile InsurancePesendorfer, Wolfgang
2013Kogan, RachelThe Collective Search Model: Theory and ImplicationsPesendorfer, Wolfgang
1999Oh, ChristopherDebt Restructuring and Chapter 11 Reorganization: An Analysis of Responses to Corporate Financial DistressPesendorfer, Wolfgang
2012Fernandez-Arias, NicolasA Discrete Model of Strategic Information TransmissionPesendorfer, Wolfgang
1998Adelson, David SethThe Effect Of Casino Gambling On Crime RatesPesendorfer, Wolfgang
1998Gresh, Amy ElizabethThe Effects of Modern Products Liability Law: A Case Study of the Market for PharmaceuticalsPesendorfer, Wolfgang
1998McGuire, III, Richard TrainorEgos vs. Ethics: Models of Managerial Resistance to Hostile TakeoversPesendorfer, Wolfgang
2022Safonov, EvgeniiEssays in Microeconomic Theory: Framing and Complexity of ChoicePesendorfer, Wolfgang
-Kosterina, SvetlanaEssays in Political EconomyPesendorfer, Wolfgang
-Butler, Nicholas O.Essays on Behavioral Game TheoryPesendorfer, Wolfgang
-Jakobsen, Alexander MagnusEssays on Bounded Rationality and Information ProcessingGul, Faruk; Pesendorfer, Wolfgang
-Ke, ShaoweiEssays on Decision TheoryGul, Faruk; Pesendorfer, Wolfgang
-So, BrianEssays on Dynamic Games and Airline Fare StructurePesendorfer, Wolfgang
-Basso, AdrianoEssays on Microeconomic TheoryPesendorfer, Wolfgang
1998Bing, Ethan BarclayHerding Behavior in the Mexican Peso CrisisPesendorfer, Wolfgang
1999Horst, BrianHospital Mergers and Antitrust Policy: An Economic AnalysisPesendorfer, Wolfgang
2011Taxy, Samuel"I Was Gonna Go To Class Before I Got High": An Economics Analysis of the Effect of Medical Marijuana Policy on High School Graduation RatesPesendorfer, Wolfgang
1998Frater, Eric MatthewMajor-League Cities: Location Quality and Franchise Survivability in Marginal Locations in Major League BaseballPesendorfer, Wolfgang
2011Schubert, GregorOf Hawks and Doves: Monetary Policy-Making by Heterogeneous CommitteesPesendorfer, Wolfgang
2016Dasarathy, AnirudhRandomness in Limited Information Based DecisionmakingPesendorfer, Wolfgang